tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine Giveaway!

tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine Giveaway!

I need to start by saying this is a dream come true, creating the fibery magazine that I have always wanted to read! And after a very long time in the planning, our website is reignited and the very first issue is out with subscribers. I can breathe again 🙂 I am over the moon thrilled with how Issue One has come together, Evanita and I found such a variety of incredible artists who share beautiful insights into their processes

Home Made Hackle Tutorial: Ineke de Brouwer

Home Made Hackle Tutorial: Ineke de Brouwer

Tutorial home-made double row hackle A while ago we ran an Evolution challenge on making rolags in many different ways, it was awesome, lots of innovation and wonderful fibers! One of the people who contributed was Ineke de Brouwer, with rolags she had created on her own home made hackle. I thought it would be a great thing to know how to make your own hackle, and Ineke very kindly made this tutorial to share with us! This is a

Cosmic Customisation: Pioneer

Cosmic Customisation: Pioneer

The Majacraft Pioneer, in my opinion it just doesn’t get all the attention it deserves, often overshadowed by its stunning sister wheels Aura, Rose, and Suzie. But the humble Pioneer, what a dream she is to spin on! She might not have the curvaceous lines of the Aura, or the classy classic style of the Suzie and Rose, but she really knows how to get a yarn spun and contains all the components that are every bit as good as

Follow up to the Aura Broadcast!

Just back again with an update and some stuff for you to download too! Last week we ran our first live spin session focussing on a piece of Majacraft equipment, and our subject was the amazing Aura from Majacraft, and we were lucky enough to have both Glynis and Andrew Poad of Majacraft themselves as guests! This wheel is like the mothership of all the wheels for many art yarn spinners, it has all the features we need to work with

Making Magic with your Majacraft Aura – Free online Live Session!

Update! Follow this link for the live session now! https://youtu.be/m-CbCVHdSws A wee while ago, and this was before Fiberygoodness became official Majacraft dealers, we had this idea. It was just coincidence (or a like minds thing) that we all have an Aura each, and of course just like all spinners, we love talking about our wheels! Fiberygoodness team meetings tend to include discussions of what we are spinning and sharing our ideas 😉 So at some point Jan mentioned a very clever

Ask Suzy! Tools and Equipment

This week we are starting a new blog feature, ‘ask Suzy’, in which we will offer handy tool tips or tricks, and answer (as best we can) any questions that you send in about fiber related tools and equipment. The most recent question to hit my inbox was someone enquiring about the difference between the fiber prepared on a hackle and drum carded roving, with the focus on ‘which tool should I buy’. My best answer to this, is that

Tool Tips: The Humble Diz

Firstly, remember a while back Arlene surprised me with a wonderful woven treat? (I am still glowing!) So now, with my impending trip to the US and the much looked forward to hang out with Arlene between workshops, I thought it a great time to return the favour. I took this off the loom today, and it just needs washing and fulling and then it gets packed for the big flight across the water. I can’t wait to hand this

Tool Tips – Hackle!

(Photo courtesy of Majacraft) This week we are bringing a new course announcement (you’ll have to read to the end!!) and we are bringing you the first of our tool features, because, in fiberista language, ‘tool’ = ‘toy’…right?  So to start us off I am impelled to go straight to the Hackle, because it is my favourite. Nope, not because it’s cute or cuddly (it’s not), nor because it’s elegant or graceful, but purely because of what I can do

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