tiny Hackle Studio – Free Workshop

tiny Hackle Studio – Free Workshop

Fun With Spikes! Here we go! We are all, in one way or another, finding our way through the global pandemic known as Covid-19. It has been an emotional roller coaster for many of us, and I feel this is a great time to bring you something to distract you from the stresses of lockdown and social distancing. This is something I began mid 2019 after being asked to teach at Majacraft Camp 2020. The theme was ‘Naturals’. Over the

Oh Batty, How Many Ways Shall I Spin Thee?

Oh Batty, How Many Ways Shall I Spin Thee?

Right on the heels of our newest online course “Dymanic Colour Blending: Carding” which covers a range of ways to card fiber into batts and rolags, here is a post that’s going to help you spin up your lovely lofty fibres and continue the colour management learned through the course. If you haven’t done the course yet you can still use these ideas! During the five videos I created for the course, and also given as exercises in the workbook


The 2015 Pantone Color of the Year:  Masala! I confess, I love writing these color posts.  It is really fun and a good excuse to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole all in the name of research!! Last week, Pantone released their Fall 2015 color report which I immediately downloaded and studied.  While that was fun, it was even more fun that evening to geek out with another fiber pal on the phone by discussing in detail our collective thoughts


I think orange is a somewhat misunderstood color.  Maybe it was the ’70’s that gave it a bad name….and looking at the photo on the left…OK, I can see that. But, here’s the thing.  Orange is worthy of our respect.  It is one of the seven named colors of the spectrum.  Think about that…only seven colors made the cut and orange is one of them. Historically and culturally, orange has been very important in both Western and Asian colors.  It


Purple! I love it! It’s our current featured colour in our colour series, and my turn (Suzy) to write the post. Got me thinking, all this time, I have used purple in almost everything, painting, drawing, dyeing, batt making, I spin it, I weave it, I paint my house in it, but what do I actually KNOW about purple?! I discovered, not very much, until now. I did some research and found some stuff to share with you. The first

Featured Color: Brown

If I am asked what my favorite color is, I used to answer “green”…now I would probably answer “pink”.  But, never has it occurred to me to answer “brown” nor has brown even come in as second, third or fourth place.  In fact, I have never known anyone to say their favorite color is brown.  Surely those folks exist, but I am not aware of them — although certainly someone reading this will claim brown as theirs. While brown has

Featured Color: White

Welcome to our new semi-regular series of posts on Color! Because color is so fundamental to what we do as fiber artists, Suzy and I will be tackling color one color at a time. Living in a part of the world that is experiencing winter right now, complete with more snow that usual, I’m very inspired to start this series with white. I drive through the countryside to go to work five days a week.  Often, the ride is very