Exploring Elements with Christiane Knight

Exploring Elements with Christiane Knight

This week we are sharing in the process of fiber creation with our current Artist In Residence: Christiane Knight. These insights into how Chris works are both inspiring and motivational, and it is exciting to see the way she has approached what could be quite a daunting task, with flair and creativity! The rest of this post is provided by Christiane, I know you will enjoy it as much as I have!  🙂 When I decided that my Artist in

Featured Artist and Shepherd: Jen Eddington of Curly Wool

This week we introduce Jen Eddington of Curly Wool from Tasmania, who has a multi-generational love for fiber. From breeding and raising sheep to dyeing, spinning and weaving, she enjoys all aspects of working with wool. Her studies in fiber arts have taken her all over the world – most recently to Fibery Goodness! Arlene Thayer (AT):  Tell us about being a “fiber” person in your part of the world, Tasmania? Jen Eddington (JE):  My island state of Tasmania has

Featured Artist: Kyle Bowser of Palomino Farm

Editor’s Notes:  It’s been a nice vacation…After compiling over a hundred featured artist posts at spinartiste.com, I took five months off!  And, just like any break, you end up assessing how to resume and move forward.  What finally came to the surface was I missed doing this posts.  So, we’ve decided to weave one in about once a month and, most exciting of all, we will be featuring an artist from within our Fibery Goodness community.  If you participate in

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