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General Questions

Login Troubles?

Our member login for tinyStudio Subscribers and Students is case sensitive for both your username and password. If you are having trouble logging in with your username and password or have forgotten your username or password please reach out to us so we can help you fix this.

IMPORTANT – Please keep in mind that your login for our Print Subscription is a different login from the Digital subscription, so if you are subscribed to both you should keep a record of your separate logins and check that you are using the correct one. Your Digital login will ask you for the username you chose yourself when you registered for the digital package. You can also use the ‘forgot password’ option if you need it, if you do not receive your new password within 30 minutes please contact us at and we can help!

Account Creation

When you purchase a course or digital subscription you will receive an automated email from to your PayPal email address to help you set up your Fiberygoodness account.

If you already have an account and purchase something new your new purchases will be added to your existing account so long as your PayPal email address is the same. If you are using a different PayPal account or have changed the email associated with your PayPal account the system will automatically create a new account for you to set up. Should this occur please contact us so we can merge your accounts together.

When I try to sign in it gives me the error “This account is inactive”

Accounts can become inactive for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is due to either unsubscribing from tinyStudio or due to a missed payment. When this occurs the system automatically marks the account has inactive even if there is a course attached to the account. When a subscription has been canceled we manually check the account to see if the member has any courses and fix the account so it can resume its active status. If your account has been marked as inactive despite having other FiberyGoodness courses purchased previously, please let us know so we can get your account squared away.

I’m not receiving my emails from Fiberygoodness/tinyStudio

There are a few things that can cause missing emails from Fibergoodness or tinyStudio. The first thing you’ll want to do is search and and see if you can find the emails that way.

– If you are using Gmail these emails are often sectioned out into the Social Media or Promotions section.
– Check the Spam or Junk Folder
– If you are using Comcast, this provider is known to have an extremely oversensitive spam filter. There is a setting in the Advanced Settings Page under the section Spam Filtering that if enabled sends a lot of emails you receive into the void meaning you never see those emails not even to your Spam folder. In order to fix this issue, we would suggest trying to disable(uncheck) this spam feature to see if this works.

Comcast Spam Settings

Print Subscription Questions

Do you offer print copies of tinyStudio Creative Life?

Yes! We have started our first print subscriptions with Issue 11 in May 2021.

How do I log into my Print Subscription

You will need to go over to our Print Subscription page and click Renew/Login. You will then be asked to enter your Account Number and Zip/Postal Code. Your account number can be found in the email you received after subscribing or on your mailing label when you receive your print issue. The email you will receive will look something like this.

If I have a Print Subscription, can I have a digital one too?

Yes absolutely! When you completed your subscription checkout you should have received an email with instructions on how to sign up for Digital with a ‘print subscriber discount’! Please note you will receive a special link to a page where you will need to enter a discount code to gain access to purchasing your Digital Subscription with the discount. The content of the page will look like the following. You will enter the discount code as the password(NOT your account password).

What happens to my Digital (discounted) subscription if I do not renew my print subscription?

Your digital subscription will run for 15 months before it expires, at which time you will need to purchase the non-discounted digital subscription (still a great value!) which does not expire until you cancel it.

Will issues prior to Issue 11 be available as print?

We would love to be able to offer all our back issues in print, however, the upfront cost of print is high, so our goal is to gradually add print back issues as we can afford it. Once we are able to do a print run for one of our back issues we will make an announcement to ensure everyone is in the know.

Digital Subscription Questions

I didn’t receive my Digital Subscription Registration email

If you are new to Fiberygoodness you will be sent an automated email from to complete your registration. This will help you with the creation of a username and password. This email can sometimes slip through the cracks and can accidentally land in your spam or junk folder so if you haven’t seen the registration email yet please check your email box for an email from about registration and check your spam/junk box as well. If you are unable to locate this email please contact us so we can send you a new registration link to complete this process.

How much does tinyStudio Digital cost?

The subscription to tinyStudio is US$4.95 a month. This monthly plan covers your access to the tinyStudio TV episodes as well as the quarterly digital magazine! All Digital subscribers have access to the content on the tinyStudio Subscribers Page as well as to the tinyStudio TV page.

The Digital subscriptions run on a pay as you go basis, think of it as something like a Patreon subscription. The ongoing support that your subscription will provide each month will cover costs as we build each issue and create the videos to go with it.

In return you get:

  • Immediate access (once your registration is complete) to login and download the current issue of tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine plus access to all current and previous tinyStudio TV Episodes
  • A new tinyStudio digital issue delivered to you every three months, packed with inspirational articles, tutorials, creativity boosters, recipes and projects
  • Access to the subscriber only ‘tinyStudio TV‘!  The goal is to enhance the content found in each magazine issue and give you a rich experience beyond the written articles. The tinyStudio TV content will reflect the theme of the Magazine, with a focus on creativity enhancement and conscious crafting.

How do I purchase back issues of tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine?

Digital back issues of tinyStudio can be purchased here: Current subscribers can purchase at a discounted price via the tinyStudio Subscribers Page at the bottom of the page.

How do I cancel my tinyStudio Digital Subscription?

We are sorry to see you go but if you need to cancel your  digital subscription at any time please see click on this link for instructions.

How do I update my Payment information for my tinyStudio Digital Subscription?

To update your payment option for your tinyStudio Subscription please follow the steps below within your Paypal Account:

  • Go to your Settings.
  • Click Payments.
  • Click Manage automatic payments.
  • Select your tinyStudio Subscription
  • Follow further instructions on the page for updating your payment option.

tinyStudio TV Access

Our full library of tinyStudio TV episodes is available to all our tinyStudio Digital Subscribers. In order to view episodes, you will need to have an active subscription and be logged into your Fiberygoodness account. Please note that should you unsubscribe from tinyStudio you will no longer have access to these videos.

Having difficulties watching tinyStudio TV

If you are unable to watch the tinyStudio TV episodes due to an error such as “This is private: Sorry, you don’t have permission to watch here.” or “no videos have been added yet”. Please check on your browser’s extensions.

Our Vimeo videos are locked down so they are only accessible within the Fiberygoodness website and if you are using something that blocks cookies this can cause Vimeo to not want to display the videos.

We are currently aware of Bitdefender Anti-Tracker as one possible source of this issue.

You can also find us on Facebook on our Fiberygoodness Facebook page

For general and technical support you can also reach out to Evanita directly via