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Open Call for Submissions!

tinyStudio Creative Life magazine is an indie publication with the goal of sharing the stories of the people in our fiber community, beautifully supported in a gorgeously designed publication. This is your place to share your voice, your discoveries, experiences, passions.. your unique story.

Please read through the following and see if your story will fit into one of our Issues. Scroll down for Upcoming Issue themes or keep reading for our ongoing open submissions.

Ongoing: Regular Features

Peek into an Artists Studio (or home)

Do you have a share-worthy studio? It doesn’t need to be the Louvre! Maybe you have a cosy space where you are surrounded by inspiration, some clever space saving storage ideas, a room you share with others for workshops or lessons, or a corner of the house that is especially delightful to work in. Do you have some fun or unique decorating ideas? Please submit some photos and a brief description. (There is only one Artists Studio Feature per issue, but we may also feature Artists Studios in our monthly newsletter or blogpost).

Things to Love

This regular feature is a three to four page image spread to show off your fiber art! It includes live links to your website or social media, and is a wonderful opportunity to share your favourite pieces, yarns, dyed fiber, stitching, macrame, weaving.. whatever your fiber art is, we would love to share the love! Submit your images and/or your website, shop, or Instagram with a brief description of what you do!

For Your Tiny Studio

Have you found something that makes your studio life easier? Fiber or yarn storage, boxes, hooks and hangers, space savers and organisers, inspirational decor… Please drop us a line with a link so we can share your discovery in the magazine! We will add your name and link it to your page or social media alongside the item as our thank you for sharing the good stuff!

‘Other’ Regular Features

You will regularly find projects and tutorials in each Issue, so if you have one you would like to share please let us know!

If you are a farmer, or a fiber producer anywhere in the world, I would love to hear from you too, it is a wonderful thing to know where our materials originate and how the fiber animals are raised and cared for.

Upcoming Issues: Themes

I want to make it easy to submit a proposal, so even if your idea doesn’t fit exactly into any of the sections below, that doesn’t mean it won’t fit in any of these issues! It just means maybe I didn’t think of it yet 🙂 This is a community driven publication and I want it to include YOUR voice, so send me a description of your idea using the form below, or email me at if you wish to add images to your message, I will get back to you as soon as I can!

I have chosen some ideas and concepts to base future issues around. tinyStudio Creative Life magazine uses these themes as a gentle focus rather than a prescriptive direction! If you are inspired by any of these ideas to submit and article idea please do so at any time up to the Submission Closing date!

Issue Nine: Back to Basics

Do you ever daydream about the old days? What it was like before we all had mobile phones, 24/7 internet and email? When we could go completely offline and no one would get mad that they didn’t hear back from you withint ten minutes of them sending their message? Is Offline the NEW LUXURY?! Lets take ourselves back there in this issue, share the ways you go back to basics! Is it through working with raw fleece? Do you love the mindfulness in the process of washing and preparing for spinning? Do you love to use natural colours and fibers in your knit projects? Is your studio set up to be simple and natural? Or maybe you have your own back to basics getaway place, do you love to go camping or have you got your own cabin in the woods? How do you take your crafts with you and pursue your creative inclinations? Do you have a passion for the classics? Maybe you love to work on those lovely nostalgic patterns and crafts from your mothers old McCalls magazines?!

Another way we can see ourselves going back to basics is in our techniques, how did you learn to spin or knit, or crochet? What would you want to tell someone else just starting out with the basics now, do you have some gold you have learned that will help someone else too? And how about the basics of spinning and fiber art – things like, what is ‘woolen’ and ‘worsted’, how do you mix dyes, how do you cast on? Share with us what you consider to be ‘back to basics’!

Completed article deadline by 1 October publication on 28 November 2020

Issue Ten: Breathe

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and let the air stream out between your lips, let your shoulders drop and relax. Doesn’t that feel better? This issue is all about taking a moment to relax. Often we need to consciously do this, not realising until we have that in fact our shoulders were heading up to our ears, that our lungs needed some extra air, and we needed that moment to just let everything go! This is the issue I want to help you do that! So we need articles about relaxation, being in the moment, and creating an environment in which we feel comfortable and happy.

Why don’t we look at ways we can use our crafts to enhance our sense of equilibrium. What happens to your body when you are combing or carding? Do you get tense? Tired and sore? Do you have some tips and techniques you can share about keeping yourself relaxed and comfortable while doing these repetitive tasks? How about when you are spinning, do you have ideas for how to get set up well for spinning, or knitting? Ergonomics are so important!

Then of course there is storage, being organised and in control of your stash is so important, lets share what we have on practical ways to enhance the stash storage, useful containers you have discovered or made (patterns are great too if you make bags or containers!), we want to create studio space that lets us BREATHE rather than crowds us out!

There are so many ways we can find to help us get that breathing space, both in our environment and in our creative lives, share your space, your thoughts, and your tips in this issue!

Completed article deadline by 5 January 2021 publication on 28 Feb 2021

Send your article or feature ideas to tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine