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I would love to include you in the tinyStudio Magazine, or feature you in a tinyStudio TV edition! If you have a great idea, something to share, an article, images, projects, patterns, or a story about things happening in your area, please let me know! I am not going to make you jump through hoops, or show me completed articles and professional photos, I would simply love to hear your ideas.

For some ideas on what the guiding principles of tinyStudio are, read through the free tinyStudio Creative Life booklet

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Does this trigger some ideas for things you would like to share? Perhaps you have created your own wonderful tinyStudio space in your home, or found some amazing storage or organisation items or ideas that you know other people would love! Do you have your own rituals to get your creative mind ready to soar? Please share them with us!  Maybe there are inspiring people in your area doing amazing things to recycle or creatively re-use and re-purpose objects that are otherwise lost, or perhaps you have hit upon something awesome yourself. Please let me know, the world needs you!

Other ideas might be… things you do around your fiber art practice that help you stay focussed and in the moment when you are spinning, or felting, or weaving, or stitching… How do you manage your time, family, work, stash, space?  Everyone is different and everyone is unique, and we can also learn from each other. Our community is what keeps our craft alive and growing!

If you are a farmer, a fiber producer anywhere in the world I would love to hear from you too, it is a wonderful thing to know where our materials originate and how the fiber animals are raised and cared for.

I would also really like to include your patterns and projects, especially if they have an element that links into the concepts of tinyStudio! If you’re not sure, send it in anyway!

Upcoming Issues: Themes

We have chosen some ideas and concepts to base our future issues around. These are not single topic issues so the themes are more of an underlying guide than a total focus. Perhaps these ideas inspire you to contribute!

Issue Two: Rituals

We each have our own ways to stay inspired in our fiber art, often these are in the form of creative ‘rituals’, things we do as a routine that trigger our sense of creativity. It might be making some tea, laying out your fiber ready to spin, putting on some inspirational music, and setting aside a few hours for focussing on your art. Or it might be 20 minutes of yoga before you go to your fiber stash. Maybe you find a walk in nature is a creative boost that always triggers your creative imagination! These are all ‘rituals’ and in Issue two we will be exploring what form those take for different fiber artists. The deadline for this issue is Feb 10 2019

Issue Three:  Subtle Sophistication

This is an issue that will have a gentle focus on design. What makes a design work, how do you create a design that expresses something about you as the designer? When do you know when your design is finished? How can you be unique in a world where it seems everything has already been done before? These are questions we would like to muse upon in Issue three! We would also love some really hands-on tips and tools for designing beautiful things. We would love to include some example projects too, so if you have a design or pattern for knit, crochet, weave, macrame, stitch or needlework, please get in touch! Deadline for this issue is 20 April 2019

Issue Four: From Nature

A great place to start for this issue is exploring natural fibers, so I am looking for articles about fiber animals and fiber farms, also breed studies, information on breeding programs and farming. I would love to include articles on how to use fleece and fiber to retain its natural look! Art yarns, lock spinning, projects that use fiber to retain all its gorgeous natural properties! What do you most love about natural fibers? Do you process raw fleece? A how to would be great! Maybe you have developed your own way of washing, processing, or spinning, or perhaps you love to blend all the natural colours in different ways?

Naturals can also be about more than fleece, perhaps you take your inspiration from nature, or you might be an eco dyer using plants and natural dyes (I would love to hear from you particularly!). We could talk about learning a craft, was there something you discovered you were a ‘natural’ at? And how about tools and materials sourced from nature, have you ever made your own crochet hook or weaving needles? Share your projects with materials sourced from your environment, we are looking for eco-friendly, ethical options for creating what we need! Deadline for this issue is 20 July 2019

Issue Five: Harmony

We love this concept! It is a very broad and inclusive theme for an issue that will be guided by the idea of harmony, harmony in nature, in design, in colour, the harmony between people and animals, harmony between each other in our community (think collaborative or group projects, sharing in the community, relationships between artists and fiber producers etc) harmony in the balance between work. life, and creativity, harmony in design, or the harmony between you and your tools. To me, harmony conjures up feelings of love, peace, and joy. I would like this issue particularly to reflect these feelings and share them with others! Writing deadline for this issue is 20 October 2019


I want to make it easy to submit a proposal, so just send me a description of your idea using the form below, or email me at tinystudio@fiberygoodness.com if you wish to add images to your message, I will get back to you as soon as I can!

At the moment as I am just getting started and self-funding the development of tinyStudio, I am happy to be able to offer you a quarter page free advertisement in the issue your piece is published in, and since we are interactive I can link to your page of choice directly from the ad. I will also be sure to talk about you and your article in the tinyStudio TV podcasts! Once we get established with enough subscribers I will most certainly be moving into a ‘going rate’ payment for all articles published, and with your help, we can get to that level within our first year!  We are looking for regular contributors to grow with us because together we are mighty! Thank you so much for your support!

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