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In this first issue of tinyStudio Creative Life magazine, (publishing Nov23) we have a range of articles that focus on creativity, the mindful development of skills through practice, making mistakes, experimenting, and innovating. Each artist approaches their work in their own unique way and it is really inspiring to get this insight into their backgrounds and approaches.

Isla Fabu (New Zealand) delights us with her article on spinning literally what she finds in her garden and how her practice of mindfulness brings her inspiration when she needs it. You will be inspired to make times for yourself in which you are fully in the moment with your surroundings, free to dream.

We have the first of our regular peeks into the home or studio of a fiber artist, in this issue we feature Pauline Spinks (Australia). Pauline’s home is a thoughtful collection of hand made or up-cycled items that come together into an inspiring space that encourages relaxation and creativity!  

We will also uncover stories about where our wool comes from, Ashley Martineau (USA) visits a fiber farm and tells us a heartwarming tale of ovine family, the individual care given to fiber animals and the trust that is offered in return. 

This is followed by an article from Christine of Valais Blacknose (New Zealand) about the importation of sheep embryos and the start of a breed in a new country.  Then to continue the theme of ‘local wool’ and gain further insights into the lives of fiber farmers we are entertained in a very human way with the story of Alena Hixon of Dragonwool.

Image courtesy Ashley Martineau (How to Spin Yarn)

This issue is really focussed on creativity, how it was born and bloomed in the featured artists, what motivates them, how they learned their craft. It is interesting and encouraging to see that even artists who create the most perfect works such as Homemade Trap (UK) also learned though making mistakes and less than perfect items, each one becoming an experience to learn from.

This is how we perfect our craft over time, taking a mindful approach to what we are doing, how we are doing it, and analysing our results as a valuable activity.  If you want to get deeper into this form of mindfulness about your creative work you will enjoy Melissa Roses article about keeping a mistakes journal!

Then for a really profound article on creativity there is an amazing contribution from my bestie Arlene Thayer, who describes the creative process beautifully and brings her sense of fun and uniqueness to share and inspire. She also makes the most awesome of fibery cover girls!

And of course I have added some yarn recipes, a dye tutorial, there are some home made gifts to create and there will be video podcasts coming in the next 8 weeks for magazine subscribers that go deeper into the articles with demos and video tutorials too. The schedule for videos is in the back of the magazine!

If you have already subscribed, thank you so much for your wonderful support! If you would like to subscribe and receive the current issue of the Magazine (published 23 Nov 2018) and access to the video podcasts (tinyStudio TV) please pop over to the subscribe page and sign up!


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