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General Information

Fiberygoodness.com is based in Glenville, Pennsylvania and Soest, Netherlands with contributors based in the US and globally.

All fiberygoodness.com content on the fiberygoodness.com website and found elsewhere on the world-wide web is the copyright of fiberygoodness.com. Information on this website may not be transferred, copied or reprinted without prior permission except for one copy for an individual’s personal use.

Patterns published in PDF form require you to use a PDF reader in order to view them. All patterns printed on fiberygoodness.com are subject to copyright and may not be distributed or redistributed. If you print pattterns from fiberygoodness.com and sell them without permission, you are stealing.

All content published in fiberygoodness.com is selected by our editorial staff and may not reflect the opinions or beliefs of our advertisers.

Creative License

Fiberygoodness.com acknowledges creative license and variability. Articles and patterns are offered as guidelines only. Fiberygoodness.com cannot control the final product created by the user and will not be held responsible for variations, misinterpretations and/or malfunctions. Though the utmost care is taken to avoid errors in instructions, fiberygoodness.com assumes no liability for any errors in instructions. If you find an error, please write to us, and once verified, we will post a correction.


Fiberygoodness.com collects only statistical location information for website viewers. If you send us your email address when contacting us, if it is used, it will only be used to contact you directly, in response to your initial contact. If you have ‘liked’ the Fiberygoodness Facebook Page, we do not use your membership for anything other than to provide you with information about fiberygoodness.com. We do not share your personal information with any third parties. If you join our subscriber list, you can expect to receive periodic updates from fiberygoodness.com as they occur.

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