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Current Issue
November 2020 Issue 9

This issue is one of our largest yet, and it has an underlying theme of ‘back to basics’ because I feel we sometimes need to go back to our roots to regroup and then move forward again. Back to basics, for me, is a way of keeping things simple, organic, fresh, and allowing myself space to breathe and relax, stepping away from the pressures and stresses of everyday life. In this issue, you will find some really wonderful articles that I hope will give you this feeling of being a part of something that has existed through space and time outside of ourselves and yet still encompassing everything we do. In this issue you will find natural dyeing, medieval spinning, antique tools, knitting as pure art, and a wonderful tour of a working studio. We hope you will enjoy it all!

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“I have to say that tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine has far exceeded my expectations. Every issue keeps getting better & better. It’s so nice to have a magazine that’s full of amazing and unique content that can’t be found in any other fiber-related magazine. It’s become a place for me to find new fiber friends to add on Facebook and Instagram. I love my fiber community!!!” – Carrie Pugh (Mills)

“The new magazine is like a breath of fresh air. Full of amazing and different content. But to have the tv side of things, brings words and pictures to life! I look forward to reading each article in depth and watching the videos that follow, but most of all, the indulgence of our craft expertly put together. Well done Suzy and team for reinventing the magazine beautifully.” – Michelle Johnson

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