Presenting our First Fiber Artist in Residence: Bren Boone

Presenting our First Fiber Artist in Residence:  Bren Boone

Hello Fiber Folks!!! I am so happy to be writing this post to present a fiber arts and hand spinning program that we’ve been putting together over the course of the past few months.  Bren Boone of Snerb Yarn and Fiber has accepted our invitation to be our first Fiber Artist in Residence and today I get to roll it all out to you! Our brand new Fiber Artist Residence program is something Suzy and I have been tinkering on

On the Silk Road

Silk, glorious silk!!!  Wool is awesome, but I have developed quite the passion for working with silk yarns — especially the chunkier types.  They are light, warm to wear and luxurious.  A couple of years ago, I happened upon a destash of naturally dyed LaLana Wools silk yarns and it seemed time to bust them out and make something.  I was ready to knit a new shawl for fall so, I decided to finally knit the Esjan pattern by Stephen

You Know It’s September When…

The reading material on the nightstand is the Fall issue of Vogue magazine!!!!   Just like last year, a couple of weeks ago, I ordered myself up a copy from Amazon because it comes in a fancy box.  This year, as you can see, comes complete with the cover of Kendall Jenner.  I’m no longer at a point in my life where I’m interested in wearing the type of clothing generally featured, but I like to use the colors, shapes, and

Can I Spin THIS?

Many moons ago, Suzy and I challenged each other to a spinning duel.  I gave her a package of stuff to spin and she gave one to me.  Now, when I say “many moons”, I really mean that because I think Suzy has moved a couple of times since she got her package and at this point the package I gave her resides in the land known as “Whereabouts Unknown”.  But, I have had the one she gave me and

Featured Artist: Bren Boone of Snerb Yarn and Fiber

Introduction:  Bren Boone is right at the top of my list of artists I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting in person.  If you have seen Bren’s work, you know why.  Her hand spun yarns are pure perfection.  I own a skein and I can tell you, there is nothing else like it.  A couple of months ago, I indulged myself and purchased a skein of Bren’s made of 100% cashmere.  Delightful does not being to describe the

My True North

One of the things that a lot of folks struggle with is defining themselves artistically.  I know for me, in the beginning with spinning, I was so eager to try everything.  Settling into what I REALLY liked from what wheel to which fibers to what exactly I liked spinning took awhile.  This weekend, having finally finished up with a knitting project last week that I’d been working on since October, at last I felt fee to do other THINGS that

Featured Artist and Shepherd: Jen Eddington of Curly Wool

This week we introduce Jen Eddington of Curly Wool from Tasmania, who has a multi-generational love for fiber. From breeding and raising sheep to dyeing, spinning and weaving, she enjoys all aspects of working with wool. Her studies in fiber arts have taken her all over the world – most recently to Fibery Goodness! Arlene Thayer (AT):  Tell us about being a “fiber” person in your part of the world, Tasmania? Jen Eddington (JE):  My island state of Tasmania has

Colors of the Year? + Fleece Revealed Giveaway Winner

If you have been reading this blog for a little bit, you know I love to write about the Pantone Color picks whether it be for the season or the year — especially for the year.  I always get pretty excited to write these posts.  When I wrote about the Spring 2016 Color Report, the Color(s) of the year had not yet been announced although I had my guesses.  I was half right.  Based upon reading the Color Report, I