Giveaways are Fun!!!

Geez, it was fun having a giveaway last week…we have a winner!  It is Stephanie Dibble…Stephanie, I sent you an email asking you where to send your prize which consists of a copy of The Spinner’s Notebook, a copy of Jan Massie’s Spinning Art Yarn and a mini fiber pack with beautiful fibers dyed by Natalie Redding!! So…let’s do another one…and this one is A-MAY-ZING.  We have a new class coming out next week that I am anxiously awaiting to

Big News and a Giveaway!

It’s time to let a big cat out of the bag…Fibery Goodness is now an official Majacraft dealer!!!  We could not be more pleased nor more proud.  Most of you reading this know that from the outset of Fibery Goodness, we have had a cherished relationship with the fine folks at Majacraft.  It seemed after our long engagement, it was time to get married…:-)  In the next few weeks, we will continue the remodeling of our website to also expand

Featured Artist: Kyle Bowser of Palomino Farm

Editor’s Notes:  It’s been a nice vacation…After compiling over a hundred featured artist posts at, I took five months off!  And, just like any break, you end up assessing how to resume and move forward.  What finally came to the surface was I missed doing this posts.  So, we’ve decided to weave one in about once a month and, most exciting of all, we will be featuring an artist from within our Fibery Goodness community.  If you participate in

A Surprise for Suzy!…and A Free Gift for You!!

Arlene here…I really can be a prankster sometimes.  But before I prank Suzy, I want to talk about our beautiful new coloring book Suzy published last night and I wanted to do a quick post to talk about it.  The coloring book, “Fibery Book of Coloring” is actually our second coloring book featuring Suzy’s beautiful drawings.  Our first one, “The Golden Fleece Coloring Book”,  came out over two years ago when we launched the Journey to the Golden Fleece the first

The Journey to the Golden Fleece Exhibit at the Bellefonte Art Museum — The Pics!!!

As many of you know, selected finished pieces from those of us who have gone on the Journey to the Golden Fleece have been on display at the Bellefont Art Museum in Bellefonte, PA.  With our trusty photographer, Sara Norine James, riding shotgun, we headed up for the opening reception a couple of weeks ago.  Was it amazing?  Oh, yes…truly amazing to see the pieces hung in the gallery.  Sara took shot beautiful images for us.  So without further ado,

A Different Kind of Challenge: Working with the Louet Spinzilla 2015 September Fiber Pack

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email asking if I would be interested in reviewing the Louet Spinzilla 2015 September Fiber Pack which I agreed to do…and then it came…and it was like a little avalanche of fiber!  The box contained far more than I expected.  This is the fourth fiber pack Louet has designed for Spinzilla 2015.  This pack contained  1 lb Wensleydale Top,  1 lb Superwash Merino Top,  1 lb Wool/Mohair Blend and a Gaywool Dye

Museum Show for Journey to the Golden Fleece Opens Next Weekend!

For the past year, we have been working on organizing a showing of a collection of twenty pieces representing the Journey to the Golden Fleece with the Bellefonte Art Museum.  The project of making this happen has been a journey unto itself.  Fortunately, I had a warm up project a couple of years ago when I organized the traveling Leather and Lace Challenge Collection with Deb Lambert of Picasso’s Moon.  I thought when I had finished with that project, I