Making Magic with your Majacraft Aura – Free online Live Session!

Update! Follow this link for the live session now!¬† A wee while ago, and this was before Fiberygoodness became official Majacraft dealers, we had this idea. It was just coincidence (or a like minds thing) that we all have an Aura each, and of course just like all spinners, we love talking about our wheels! Fiberygoodness team meetings tend to include discussions of what we are spinning and sharing our ideas ūüėČ So at some point Jan¬†mentioned a very clever

Museum Show for Journey to the Golden Fleece Opens Next Weekend!

For the past year, we have been working on organizing a showing of a collection of twenty pieces representing the Journey to the Golden Fleece with the Bellefonte Art Museum.¬† The project of making this happen has been a journey unto itself.¬† Fortunately, I had a warm up project a couple of years ago when I organized the traveling Leather and Lace Challenge Collection with Deb Lambert of Picasso’s Moon.¬† I thought when I had finished with that project, I

Our First Graduation Ceremony!

We had our first graduation ceremony for the participants in the Journey to the Golden Fleece last night and it was a so much fun! For those of us who could not join us for the live event, here is the recorded version. Here is the link to get the full PDF download of the portfolio of projects.¬† It includes a few last minute additions that we weren’t able to get into the live presentation on time so be sure

Spinning with European Fibery Goodness — Meet Silja Devine Holhjem of Kreativt Surrehue

Suzy and myself are incredibly blessed to know quite a few spinners from all over the globe.¬† Technology has truly changed things immensely!!¬† It’s incredible how online relationships can form over a shared passion such as hand spinning and then continue on into real friendships.¬† One such person who we are lucky to call a friend is Silja Devine Holhjem of Kreativt Surrehue from Norway.¬† But, Silja is not just a friend.¬† Silja is also a colleague who is one

Spun by the Randomizer!

This week we had a really fun live spin session, me (Suzy) and a group of the loveliest spinners from all over the globe, Belgium, The USA, Australia, and me in the Netherlands. We overcame timezone differences, unknown technical requirements, and gathered together to spin the Randomizer! These spin groups are awesome, our own chance to gather up and chat, show our current spinning projects,  share our stories and spin up a storm, all from a comfortable proximity to our

More ways to learn with FiberyGoodness

A few weeks ago I made a blogpost about learning styles, and asked the question ‘what is your learning style?. The responses both here and on Facebook were pretty clear, most people involved in fiber arts are visual learners, we like to see things, pictures, videos, live demos… its really good to actually see the theories in practice. Leslie also commented on the post that she likes to enrich that with social interaction. I thought that was a really interesting

Spinning Love Stories!

A few weeks ago in a weekly email that we sent to our first group of participants in the Journey to the Golden Fleece, we included an image of a painting of a knight and a lady. ¬†At that time, they were working on Module 4 of the course¬†which is the “Love” module. ¬†We asked people to send us their interpretations of what they saw as the story the painting was conveying. ¬†We did not say at the time what

How do you learn best?

One of the challenges for Arlene and I when designing our online courses, it taking into account the different ways we all learn. Most of us learn in lots of different ways, we take in what we hear and see, we like to get some hands on practice, we get a book and read everything about a subject… However for most of us, we will find there is always one way that works better.. If you are a visual learner,

Big Batch of Site Updates!

It sure has been exciting here this week!¬† Since we all have so much going on in our lives, we thought we’d do a little recap on the blog in case you missed any of the happenings. The biggest news was the live broadcast last night.¬† It was a lot of fun to put together and do.¬† It was wonderful having Andrew Poad from Majacraft with us, too!¬† We have a new page here on the website that will keep

First Ever FiberyGoodness Live Broadcast and Majacraft Product Reveal

(scroll down for viewing details and link) Backstory: Remember a few months ago I (Suzy) was in New Zealand? And I was visiting at Majacraft? Glynis made mention in their newsletter that we had spent some time in the design room while I was there. One of the outcomes of that was the creation of the circular looms that Arlene (SpinArtiste) and I had been discussing with them for a while, in conjunction with our Golden Fleece course. The OTHER