Arlene here…I really can be a prankster sometimes.  But before I prank Suzy, I want to talk about our beautiful new coloring book Suzy published last night and I wanted to do a quick post to talk about it.  The coloring book, “Fibery Book of Coloring” is actually our second coloring book featuring Suzy’s beautiful drawings.  Our first one, “The Golden Fleece Coloring Book”,  came out over two years ago when we launched the Journey to the Golden Fleece the first time.  Someone said online this week that they wondered if Suzy started the “coloring craze” because that ebook was out so long ago and now, of course, adult coloring is such a big deal.  I don’t know about that, but her drawings are very inspiring.

Meanwhile, I’ve written about my own struggles and lack of confidence around drawing.  But, I was thinking this morning how nice it would be to do a post about the new coloring book and include a download with a FREE page to color.  However, Suzy is asleep and there was no way of getting a drawing out of her.  So, I drew one.  Yup, surprise, Suzy!!!!  And, here it is:


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