Journey to the Golden Fleece Fiber Creativity Course

Journey to the Golden Fleece Fiber Creativity Course

The time has come for epic fibery adventures… Enrolments are now open! This is a very special announcement from Fiberygoodness, as it heralds a new Sailing for our flagship course – the Journey to the Golden Fleece! This course is completely online, self paced (although we have a schedule) and a wonderful chance to expand your creative fibery horizons along with your fellow crewmates! (Illustration from the Coursebook) What is special about the Journey to the Golden Fleece? This is

My True North

One of the things that a lot of folks struggle with is defining themselves artistically.  I know for me, in the beginning with spinning, I was so eager to try everything.  Settling into what I REALLY liked from what wheel to which fibers to what exactly I liked spinning took awhile.  This weekend, having finally finished up with a knitting project last week that I’d been working on since October, at last I felt fee to do other THINGS that

The Journey to the Golden Fleece Exhibit at the Bellefonte Art Museum — The Pics!!!

As many of you know, selected finished pieces from those of us who have gone on the Journey to the Golden Fleece have been on display at the Bellefont Art Museum in Bellefonte, PA.  With our trusty photographer, Sara Norine James, riding shotgun, we headed up for the opening reception a couple of weeks ago.  Was it amazing?  Oh, yes…truly amazing to see the pieces hung in the gallery.  Sara took shot beautiful images for us.  So without further ado,

Museum Show for Journey to the Golden Fleece Opens Next Weekend!

For the past year, we have been working on organizing a showing of a collection of twenty pieces representing the Journey to the Golden Fleece with the Bellefonte Art Museum.  The project of making this happen has been a journey unto itself.  Fortunately, I had a warm up project a couple of years ago when I organized the traveling Leather and Lace Challenge Collection with Deb Lambert of Picasso’s Moon.  I thought when I had finished with that project, I

Our First Graduation Ceremony!

We had our first graduation ceremony for the participants in the Journey to the Golden Fleece last night and it was a so much fun! For those of us who could not join us for the live event, here is the recorded version. Here is the link to get the full PDF download of the portfolio of projects.  It includes a few last minute additions that we weren’t able to get into the live presentation on time so be sure

Featured Color: White

Welcome to our new semi-regular series of posts on Color! Because color is so fundamental to what we do as fiber artists, Suzy and I will be tackling color one color at a time. Living in a part of the world that is experiencing winter right now, complete with more snow that usual, I’m very inspired to start this series with white. I drive through the countryside to go to work five days a week.  Often, the ride is very