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Firstly, I do hope you and your loved ones are safe and well in these difficult times. This is definitely the moment for us all to work together and support each other with kindness and generosity, to hopefully ease some of the anxiety and stress we are all facing. I hope that things tinyStudio are bringing you a little light, and some creative inspiration to help you through! Don’t forget in a recent post I shared my free and complete Hackle Pattern Workshop ‘Fun With Spikes’, which is a really easy system I have developed to create repeatable and unique colourways with a hackle! (you can find it all on the blog).

But the main reason I am here today is to let you know that, due to popular demand (I always wanted to be able to say that!) I have made our free Special Edition Issue available to purchase in print! Following the massive disappointment of needing to postpone our launch of Print Subscriptions, I followed up the option of print on demand through Blurb.com.

While this is not a cheap option compared to the mass publication we had planned for subscriptions, it is an option that we know some people will really enjoy (including Evanita and I!). I settled on Blurb because the quality of their print and the paper they choose are fantastic, the colours are bright and crisp, and the paper they use is amazing, the magazine feels more like a really high end shiny book and looks fantastic! 

The price of the magazine in this offer is just a couple of dollars over the Blurb production costs, we are not doing this to make money, we simply wish to share the issue that we think represents the magazine so beautifully. I am sorry we cannot do this with ALL our issues!

Remember, you can also download this particular issue for free if you prefer! (HERE). If you do wish to purchase this gorgeous magazine please follow the link at the bottom of the page, you can order direct from Blurb USA and your shipping will be calculated at checkout on their website.

I hope you will love to have this issue on your coffee table, in your studio, in your yarn store, or simply by the bed for your evening reading šŸ™‚ 

I send you my best wishes to stay well, stay creative, and to make the most of your stash over the coming weeks. 

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