Did you catch up with our latest challenge? This is a four way challenge between Arlene Thayer, Christiane Knight, Melissa Yoder Ricks, and myself.

It all started way back in the heady days of the SpinArtiste blog, Arlene (the Spin Artiste herself) would run the most fun bobbin challenges, a ‘can you spin this’ activity in which materials were selected and posted out, and the spinners would have to get really innovative in finding ways to put them together into yarns! Here are a few examples of things that we made from some of those Spin Artiste challenges!

Melissa Yoder Ricks ‘Candy yarn’ with Red Liquorice, Dried apple, and caramel squares.
Christiane Knight’s Leather and Lace Yarn
Arlene Thayers Four Ply
Suzy Brown: Leather and Lace Challenge “Written on my Skin”

So when Arlene suggested a new bobbin challenge, none of us could resist! This is just the time for a creative push (or cliff dive!) into thinking outside the box with our spinning. It is so easy to fall into a creative rut, and in these groundhog days of social distancing and isolation it seems even easier and I have found my spinning becoming the grey featureless fog of monotony and comfort spinning. Which is ok when needed! But a chance to escape into a new creative direction and firing up the brain cells to think through a completely new material mix and spin process, how exciting!


Please do watch the video in which we talk about the four compulsory items (Toilet paper, tea bags, office supplies, and a yarn from the bottom of our yarn stash) we will each have to find and use these four kinds of items, plus we can also add some fiber, and one other item of our choosing. https://www.facebook.com/WoolWench/videos/2682524231857872/

Would you like to join in with us?! Please do feel free to collect up these items and some of your own too, and post your progress shots in the facebook group! ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/tinyStudioMagazine/ )

Also keep an eye out for our livestreams as we share where we are up to and swap notes on our planning, test yarns, probable fails, and discoveries as we work through the process of making such a crazy ART yarn!

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