This is currently the only Issue available in Print! We are often asked if we would be able to provide people with individual print issues, usually because they LOVE their digital issues so much! While we would love to offer this, the cost is high and we would prefer to offer our magazine at a price we think is great value, which we will be able to do when we start our Print Subscriptions hopefully late 2020, but in the meantime what we ‘can’ do is offer our Free Digital Special Edition issue as a print on demand copy via Blurb! The quality of this print production is fantastic!

This issue is printed on very high-quality paper with gorgeous colour, it is a high-quality print that feels more like a book than a magazine! Although it is a higher cost than our upcoming Print Magazines will be, (because of print quantity) I am happy to offer at the lowest price I can, we make about $2 off this issue to cover costs, and simply wish for you to enjoy it and also share it with your friends!

This is the Special Edition Issue that we have also have available for free download right here on the website if you prefer digital only!

Click on the Magazine Image below to go to Blurb to purchase. You will be able to see your shipping cost from Blurb for your location at checkout.

Click HERE to purchase a one off print copy of tinyStudio Creative Life – First Birthday Edition.