If you like to purchase raw fleece and do your own fiber prep for spinning, you probably also find that its handy to keep a record of fleeces you have and fleeces you have also processed and finished with! What I am sharing with you now is a super easy peasy graphic way of recording just the key information about each fleece you have purchased. This is a handy way to keep the information you need for project planning and even re-purchasing from the same supplier in future too, a one page graphic that you can store with your raw fleece for reference (to avoid the situation where I have fleeces in my stash and I no longer remember where they came from! eek!).

This comes as a download to you that includes one page of instruction an done page of recording graphic. You may print the copyrighted graphic out as many times as you like, and you are free to share with your friends and groups too. I hope you will have fun with this, you can colour code as well as circle code!

Happy Holidays and thank you for following Fiberygoodness tinyStudio!

Click the image below to download the printable fullsize version!

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