How exciting! I am not only right here at Arlenes kitchen table typing this blogpost (which is already awesomeness), but I have also just made our brand new Fiberygoodness Course LIVE!  This is a course that we have worked on for quite a while, starting with the Blending Colour Ebook (which is in the shop) and then expanding on that with the addition of some super Exercises to get you started on mixing up these fibers into amazing new blends. I LOVE colour blending like this because it creates the most stunning colours with a depth that cant be achieved through simple dyeing. These blended fibers still contain each individual colour that has gone into it, and when you look up close you see them all working together to create this new visual treat. It is almost magical to see the colours blend and melding, and it is just so much fun to experiment with different quantities and colours.

I hope this new course with both the workbook and fiber kit will excite you into creating your own fiber blend rainbow of samples and recipes, and will add to your fiber stash with a whole new dimension of colour!


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