Outstanding Images Student Feature

Outstanding Images Student Feature

Two months ago we released my very first course Outstanding Images. It’s been amazing following our students work and seeing them grow as photographers. Using the course book we’ve created and our private group each student is learning what to keep in mind while taking their photos and how they can continue to improve with each photo they take. I love getting to check the group daily to see what new photos are being posted, seeing each student grow, and

FiberyGoodness and Namaste Farms

One of the dreams that Arlene and I have had, since the inception of FiberyGoodness, is that one day we would be in a position to offer a teaching platform for other fiber artists,   be a  kind of catalyst for the sharing of knowledge.  We are extremely happy then to be in production right NOW for a brand new course with the amazing Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms! Natalie is a source of in depth knowledge about fleece, fiber, their

Endings and Beginnings…

3, 2, 1, go! Enrolments are  now open for the next instalment of the Journey to the Golden Fleece Creativity Certificate course! This is an exciting time for Arlene and myself, the first group of course participants are nearly the close of their module work, and we are planning Graduations! The second group are over halfway through their course as well, and the Galleries are filling up with absolutely inspiring and innovative yarns and creations! And now we have new

Colour Blending Playtime!

How exciting! I am not only right here at Arlenes kitchen table typing this blogpost (which is already awesomeness), but I have also just made our brand new Fiberygoodness Course LIVE!  This is a course that we have worked on for quite a while, starting with the Blending Colour Ebook (which is in the shop) and then expanding on that with the addition of some super Exercises to get you started on mixing up these fibers into amazing new blends.