But what do you do with it?

I am sure many of us art yarn spinners have heard the same thing.. its beautiful, but what do you do with it? Sometimes is not even so complimentary, statements such as ‘its unusable’ and ‘theres nothing you can make with that’, directed at a lovely lockspun yarn simply because its bulky, and theres 30 meters of it.. So here is my post today, some examples of a few things that you CAN do with art yarns, and these are

How We Change

Last week Arlene posted about being stuck and working through some of the creative slumps we all get into sometimes. So this week we thought I should follow this up with a little look at something else that happens with all of us during our creative lives, and that is change. I think this is something that can help cause those many WIPs to come about, you know, you start a project, and for whatever reason it gets put aside.

Ask Suzy! Tools and Equipment

This week we are starting a new blog feature, ‘ask Suzy’, in which we will offer handy tool tips or tricks, and answer (as best we can) any questions that you send in about fiber related tools and equipment. The most recent question to hit my inbox was someone enquiring about the difference between the fiber prepared on a hackle and drum carded roving, with the focus on ‘which tool should I buy’. My best answer to this, is that

Spun by the Randomizer!

This week we had a really fun live spin session, me (Suzy) and a group of the loveliest spinners from all over the globe, Belgium, The USA, Australia, and me in the Netherlands. We overcame timezone differences, unknown technical requirements, and gathered together to spin the Randomizer! These spin groups are awesome, our own chance to gather up and chat, show our current spinning projects,  share our stories and spin up a storm, all from a comfortable proximity to our

How do you learn best?

One of the challenges for Arlene and I when designing our online courses, it taking into account the different ways we all learn. Most of us learn in lots of different ways, we take in what we hear and see, we like to get some hands on practice, we get a book and read everything about a subject… However for most of us, we will find there is always one way that works better.. If you are a visual learner,

Colour Blending Playtime!

How exciting! I am not only right here at Arlenes kitchen table typing this blogpost (which is already awesomeness), but I have also just made our brand new Fiberygoodness Course LIVE!  This is a course that we have worked on for quite a while, starting with the Blending Colour Ebook (which is in the shop) and then expanding on that with the addition of some super Exercises to get you started on mixing up these fibers into amazing new blends.

Tool Tips: The Humble Diz

Firstly, remember a while back Arlene surprised me with a wonderful woven treat? (I am still glowing!) So now, with my impending trip to the US and the much looked forward to hang out with Arlene between workshops, I thought it a great time to return the favour. I took this off the loom today, and it just needs washing and fulling and then it gets packed for the big flight across the water. I can’t wait to hand this

Tool Tips – Hackle!

(Photo courtesy of Majacraft) This week we are bringing a new course announcement (you’ll have to read to the end!!) and we are bringing you the first of our tool features, because, in fiberista language, ‘tool’ = ‘toy’…right?  So to start us off I am impelled to go straight to the Hackle, because it is my favourite. Nope, not because it’s cute or cuddly (it’s not), nor because it’s elegant or graceful, but purely because of what I can do

In Praise of Singles

I know, its Valentines day, and I am talking about singles! Well Cupid isn’t always welcome, especially when we have ‘the perfect single’ thats really not trying to hook up with the perfectly matched partner to ‘balance’ it.. This is not the single thats smooth, low twist and relaxed.. in my eyes thats not always ‘perfect’, in fact, sometimes its just too damn smooth for its own good, I mean, if I wanted ‘that’ kind of perfect single, wouldn’t I

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