Fibery Goodies! Free Project to Spin and Wear!

Fibery Goodies! Free Project to Spin and Wear!

A little while ago we brought you the ebook on how to approach and spin Multi-Media fibers such as those found in the wonderful Namaste Farm ‘ScrapBoxes’ or collections of various different fibers from your stash. This week I would like to offer you an extra treat that sprung from that original offering, and this is free for a limited time! When we were working on the Multi Media book projects we (the contributors) were challenged to share our own

Spin to Ply

Its my turn to write a blogpost  this week (Suzy), and I would like to share something with you about spinning, more specifically about plying. This is actually a document that we created to send out along  with our first set of yarn recipe cards, and I think its useful for anyone who wants to ply once, twice, three times, even ten times.. if you want to add texture to your yarns, create unique combinations of colour and form, and

Fiber Tech: Where Old Meets New

I was thinking this week about all the different things I love to do with technology as it relates to fiber and realized this is a subject that I’ve never written about previously, but that I would very much like to write about on occasion.  So, welcome to my new somewhat irregular column, “Fiber Tech” where I’m going to explore different ways to increase your fiber fun via technology.

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