As the world is slowing down and we are more and more confined to keep our families and communities safe, many of us are worrying about how we can remain connected with our friends, our fiber groups, and keep our creative lives positive.

One of the very earliest goals we had for Fiberygoodness when we got started in 2013 was to be a connection point for people all around the world, understanding that not everyone has a social spinning group nearby, or is able to attend groups regularly. We wanted to provide courses that would inspire, connect, and teach things that spinners and fiber artists were interested in, no matter where in the world they were. Since then, many other online courses have become available, companies like Craftsy (now Bluprint) and Interweave have started delivering courses of great quality and accessibility. There is now a wide range of amazing resources online that we can make use of as curious fiber artists, even while in isolation!

We also have other great resources at our fingertips, do not isolate yourself emotionally as well as physically, we are all here for you! Our first point of call is the normal one that many of us go to every day, our online fiber groups on Facebook. This is where we connect with others regularly, chat, learn, and share. I think we will be seeing a lot of extra activity in our groups in the weeks to come, as positive and supportive spaces to spend time in. Please do come along to our group anytime and share what’s on your wheel, your projects, your fiber art activities, tell us your stories, our group is wonderfully supportive and generous with ideas and fibery love 🙂

Another way to connect is via online video meetups. At Fiberygoodness tinyStudio we are setting up regular online spin groups using video conferencing tools that are super easy for people to join into. I have set up a Zoom account specifically for this, it will allow us to all share video and audio and create our own spin ins and groups! Others are also doing the same thing, so you will have a choice of spin sessions to attend, or go to them all! To start with though you are welcome to join our online event this week ( )

We also have the benefit of Facebook live as well, we can easily make very meaningful connections via livestreams, sharing what we are working on, showing our stash. Both Evanita and I will be running livestreams as often as we can just to connect and say hi.

Instagram is also another place to join and run livestreams, as well as message people and follow their creative activities. If you would like to connect with us you can find us at We will do our best to follow back any new follows on our account so we can keep up with you too!

So while we are doing all we must to create social distance and keep our communities safe, we can continue to create social closeness in different ways. Don’t be shy, join an online group and continue to enjoy the social side of spinning and fiber arts 🙂

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