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I sometimes long to focus on spinning just one type of yarn, perfecting it, appreciating it, loving the way it looks then exploring the variations I can create from this just-one-yarn. I want my spinning time to be mindful, creative, and peaceful, to be my moments away from the demands of daily life. I want to just breathe, to be able to easily let go of distractions and stresses to find my creative happy place, in which I become one with my wheel, my tools, and my fiber. This to me is freedom!

This is exactly why I have developed ‘tinyStudio’. To share with you my own personal philosophy towards creating a simple, mindful, and intentional approach to both your inspirational fiber life and your fibery environment, one that will help you more easily, and more frequently find your true creative flow. Through the two complimentary aspects of the tinyStudio approach you will discover ways you can simplify your fiber life and your studio environment, and you will learn how to enhance your mindful creative life with some simple additions to your fiber practice and create your own ‘slow fiber’ creative experience.

tinyStudio is a way to approach your spinning and your studio set up. In tinyStudio we explore ways to become more organised and in better in control of your fiber stash and your fiber tools and equipment. We both simplify and take a conscious approach to stash enhancement, we can even create a tinyStudio in a box! Portable, organised, and with a small footprint in your home, yet containing everything you need to fulfil your creative passions! In fact, by setting yourself some simple limitations, you are giving yourself a major creative boost. You will find out why when you read the tinyStudio booklet!

As well as getting organised and simplifying your studio requirements, in tinyStudio we also find ways to trigger your creative flow and keep your inspiration levels high. Like many great artists do, we make use of personalised ‘rituals’ at key moments in your creative work process that will really enhance your sense of mindfulness and being in the moment with your fiber practice. We use simple rituals to turn the key and lock out distractions, giving you a sense of true freedom in which to create.

You begin your tinyStudio life by really digging down and identifying your own ‘tinyStudio Personality’.

First you will need the tinyStudio Creative Life ebook! Then, keep on track and inspired with a tinyStudio digital Magazine and Video subscription!

Choose your ebook format

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  1. Read the introduction and learn more about what tinyStudio IS, and when prompted go take the tiny Studio Personality Quiz online
  2. Take the QUIZ!
  3. Head back to the booklet and skip through to the ‘Personality’ description for you. Read the recommendations that help you match your studio content and setup to your creative passions. This is not your horoscope, you can be more than one ‘personality’, in fact most people find a ‘main’ one and at least one ‘secondary’. The quiz will help you identify specific passions in your fiber life.
  4. Read about ways you can downsize your stash without having to de-stash anything
  5. Discover rituals you can use to trigger your inspiration to create
  6. Make a start with creating your own tinyStudio!

For ongoing inspiration, motivation, and extra creativity boosts, please subscribe to the tinyStudio digital Magazine! Follow the link to read more about this exciting new quarterly publication, and with your subscription you also gain access our regular magazine video podcasts, exclusive to tinyStudio subscribers! Read more and subscribe on our Magazine Page or click the cover of our latest issue to go to the Current Issue page!