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“I adore ALL things tinyStudio! Thank you for a gorgeous creation with a very positive tone throughout.” – Mina Doerner

“I have to say that tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine has far exceeded my expectations. Every issue keeps getting better & better. It’s so nice to have a magazine that’s full of amazing and unique content that can’t be found in any other fiber-related magazine. It’s become a place for me to find new fiber friends to add on Facebook and Instagram. I love my fiber community!!!” – Carrie Pugh (Mills)

“tinyStudio magazine is my reward after each busy workday. I prefer it served with a soothing cup of tea so I can savor its many delights: sumptuous colors, many helpful articles, and exquisite examples of work I can learn and strive to create. Because it is packed with so many treasures, it has become my greatest inspiration, asking me to slow down and sample its delights one at a time.
Thank you, ladies, for my new favorite fiber arts resource! ❤️” – Gale Roanoake

“Such a range of content, from how to’s to stuff that really makes you think! As an ex-pat Kiwi living in the UK, I enjoy the home-grown stuff, but the magazine has enough of an international flavour to be relevant anywhere. The Tiny Studio philosophy is already helping me to be more mindful, use what I have, and create more spontaneously! Bargain!” – Su Jolly

“The new magazine is like a breath of fresh air. Full of amazing and different content. But to have the tv side of things, brings words and pictures to life! I look forward to reading each article in depth and watching the videos that follow, but most of all, the indulgence of our craft expertly put together. Well done Suzy and team for reinventing the magazine beautifully.” – Michelle Johnson

“It is so professionally done! The photos, articles, even the ads are superb!” – Jeri Powtak

“I’ve already received and downloaded my copy….WOW! I thought the first issue was great, but #2 is even better. The photography is superb and I get so much inspiration from the articles. Fantastic job! Anyone who creates with fiber should be a subscriber IMHO😁” – Kathleen Kline

“Seriously good magazine no matter what type of fibre work you do” – Sue Lindsay

“The magazines (all of them so far) are the best value available today, in my opinion. So inspiring and helpful. Lots of things to learn and the ‘Eye Candy’ wow! The photos are simply gorgeous. I’m so glad I subscribed”- Cath Rayment

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