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Mindfulness, freedom from stress and clutter, and a conscious approach to fiber crafts. These are the foundations of an inspirational magazine! The tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine continues on from the eBooklet, bringing you regular features designed to enhance your fiber life with projects, patterns, creative rituals, stories and articles, ideas for storage and decluttering, ways to reuse and recycle,  articles on fiber producers who themselves adhere to conscious and caring processes… This is not your ordinary fiber artists magazine!

tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine is a quarterly digital publication, created to ideally be viewed and enjoyed in your ebook reader (your iBook app on your Mac and devices, or Google Play on your Android devices). This rich content will include embedded videos, slidable galleries of gorgeous eye candy, and of course direct links to advertisers goodies! AND we will be saving trees and the atmosphere by removing delivery transportation. Yes, you can become a planet-saving superhero with your subscription!

This is all accompanied by the regular videos and livestreams you will have access to as a tinyStudio Subscriber, exclusive content to inspire you, to help you reflect on your own fiber practice, and to share the fibery love!

Please read more about the tinyStudio Creative Life approach, and download your free ebook to get started on your own Creative Life by clicking this link: What is tinyStudio?

When you are ready to subscribe, head over to the Subscription page and get started on this journey with me! I need YOUR support to make this a magazine you will treasure and look forward to.

I would love you to also hit the ‘Submissions’ page and send me your article or feature ideas, I am always on the lookout for new writers and contributors, don’t doubt, all ideas are good ideas and I would really like to hear yours.

Heres a sneak preview of the first pages of the first issue (coming 23 November!) 



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