Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder: A WoolWench Review

Imagine this; big luscious handfuls of your favourite fibers, silks and sparkles, spreading them out with your fingertips to loft them up.. the little pops as the fibers let go of each other and the locks spread into crimpy cotton candy puffs.. And then.. then! Feeling them bounce up gently against your palm as you lay them onto the beautiful wood-grained feed tray of this brand new carder, and next… silence and surprise, and here I can’t say ‘as you


I like to think we all get this. Doesnt matter if not, because I can pretend to myself very well that ‘everyone’ gets sidetracked, its not unique, I am not the only one who struggles with it… SIGH Well last week Arlene posted about being stuck -v – resting. She very rightly pointed out that we need to take breaks, to rest, to allow ourselves the time and space to get over being stuck and move on revitalised. Well in