This week we have a new and exciting announcement to make, because once again our little team is expanding! We are super lucky to welcome on board the lovely Claire Des Bruyeres! Claire is now our French Connection, the oo in our la, the croissant with our coffee, our point of contact for all our treasured French speaking students! We are deeply grateful that Claire has made herself available to help us in this way, along with Jan and Evanita! 

The S3 Goodness!

Oh my! I can’t tell you how much Arlene and I have been enjoying the postings from the S3 (Sketch Spin Scribe) students over these last weeks.. WOW! What wonderful spin experiences people have been sharing, and really stunning yarns, and they keep coming! When Arlene and I developed the Journey to the Golden Fleece course, our focus was on developing creativity, helping people get out of a spinning rut and opening up possibilities through a journey of discovery. It is

Spin to Ply

Its my turn to write a blogpost  this week (Suzy), and I would like to share something with you about spinning, more specifically about plying. This is actually a document that we created to send out along  with our first set of yarn recipe cards, and I think its useful for anyone who wants to ply once, twice, three times, even ten times.. if you want to add texture to your yarns, create unique combinations of colour and form, and

Entering the World of FiberyGoodness

Entering the World of FiberyGoodness

Monday afternoon progress report! Arlene is in San Francisco, pretty much exactly where I would like to be right now too! We currently have storm conditions in the Netherlands, while I am absolutely positive that Arlene is swanning around SF under clear sunshiny blue skies, listening to tram bells and enjoying some good food (Rice A Roni!!!) and, you know, sparkling waters over the bay stuff… So it’s just me (Suzy) posting today,  left here in the cold and dark