Seasonal Projects

I love it that we are such a global community here on Fiberygoodness, we have wonderful connections throughout Europe, the US, and here in the Southern Hemisphere too. It leads to an amazing diversity of experiences, fibers, and projects! At the moment here in New Zealand we are well into Autumn, the trees have very much turned and there is a chill in the air that makes me want to snuggle up in front of a blazing fire, watch old

Journey to the Golden Fleece, Departing soon with Scholarship Giveaway!

I can hear the call of the gulls, the slapping of the waves against the hull and the creak of the timbers as our ship is prepared for the exciting journey ahead. This is the time when anticipation can be tasted in the sea air, the time when adventure comes knocking and we can’t turn away, because we have done this before and we know what could happen… Yes this is to tell you that my wheel is stowed, my


We are into the second year of running the Journey to the Golden Fleece course now, and there have been some amazing experiences and rewards to both Arlene and I during this time. We have been blessed with the opportunity to share in the process and creative activities of the course participants, and been allowed to discover insights and learn about them in quite profound ways. Today I would like to share with you a story that one of the participants

Endings and Beginnings…

3, 2, 1, go! Enrolments are  now open for the next instalment of the Journey to the Golden Fleece Creativity Certificate course! This is an exciting time for Arlene and myself, the first group of course participants are nearly the close of their module work, and we are planning Graduations! The second group are over halfway through their course as well, and the Galleries are filling up with absolutely inspiring and innovative yarns and creations! And now we have new

Exotic Sheep

Every once in a while we have an opportunity to share a real treat, and last Sunday was one of them, a special day hosted by the Hale Family on their southern Hawkes Bay farm. It was a rainy day, and yet the scenery throughout our two hour drive was magnificent. The hills were draped in cloud and mist, the rain falling on emerald green fields and the early spring leaves just reaching out from the many trees adorning this

Entering the World of FiberyGoodness

Entering the World of FiberyGoodness

Monday afternoon progress report! Arlene is in San Francisco, pretty much exactly where I would like to be right now too! We currently have storm conditions in the Netherlands, while I am absolutely positive that Arlene is swanning around SF under clear sunshiny blue skies, listening to tram bells and enjoying some good food (Rice A Roni!!!) and, you know, sparkling waters over the bay stuff… So it’s just me (Suzy) posting today,  left here in the cold and dark