Issue 5 is GO!

Issue 5 is GO!

Issue Five is out now! The gentle focus or theme in this issue is ‘Of Nature’, and of course there is a whole lot of nature to be inspired by, enthused about, and to revel in! When I was planning this issue I was thinking of all the natural colours of wool and fibers, the ways nature inspires so many artists in their creativity and thinking. Then I dug down even deeper and started thinking about the ‘nature’ of who we

tinyStudio Creative Life, Issue 2 is Here!

tinyStudio Creative Life, Issue 2 is Here!

It is here! We have a shiny new Issue of tinyStudio Creative Life magazine available now to all Subscribers! This time we get behind the scenes with some amazing spinning wheel creators, we have some awesome hands on tutorials, and we have the thoughts and ideas of some extremely inspirational fiber artists. After the launch of issue One I was feeling anxious about being able to match the quality and depth of Issue One, but I very quickly saw that

FiberyGoodness and Namaste Farms

One of the dreams that Arlene and I have had, since the inception of FiberyGoodness, is that one day we would be in a position to offer a teaching platform for other fiber artists,   be a  kind of catalyst for the sharing of knowledge.  We are extremely happy then to be in production right NOW for a brand new course with the amazing Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms! Natalie is a source of in depth knowledge about fleece, fiber, their

Exotic Sheep

Every once in a while we have an opportunity to share a real treat, and last Sunday was one of them, a special day hosted by the Hale Family on their southern Hawkes Bay farm. It was a rainy day, and yet the scenery throughout our two hour drive was magnificent. The hills were draped in cloud and mist, the rain falling on emerald green fields and the early spring leaves just reaching out from the many trees adorning this

Tool Tips: The Humble Diz

Firstly, remember a while back Arlene surprised me with a wonderful woven treat? (I am still glowing!) So now, with my impending trip to the US and the much looked forward to hang out with Arlene between workshops, I thought it a great time to return the favour. I took this off the loom today, and it just needs washing and fulling and then it gets packed for the big flight across the water. I can’t wait to hand this

Fiber Preparation is EVERYTHING

As a beginner spinner, I remember fiber being, well, just fiber.  And, there were all of these strange terms such as “batt”, “rolag”, and “combed top”.  It was confusing…remember, I wasn’t a natural with my wheel and to make matters worse, I wanted to cling to the idea that any fiber would do! But,  slowly my understanding regarding fibery-related matters started to become clearer.  I learned about staple length.  I watched old dvd’s from master spinners like Rita Buchanan.  The