Something New!

This week we would like to share something with you! Perhaps you already know about our Fiberygoodness Yarn Recipe series (for sale in our shop), these are spin techniques largely developed by myself (Woolwench/Suzy) and Arlene (the awesome SpinArtiste). They have included quite a variety of spin recipes and one of my favourites has been Arlenes ‘Helix’ yarn, a method of integrating locks into a ply. I love including the concept and activity of weaving into everything I do 🙂 Well

Buying and Selling Spinning Wheels

Originally, I was going to write my take on “Buying your First Spinning Wheel”, but as a delved further into my thoughts on the topic, I realized that would be short-changing this post.  So, instead, we are going to take a look at some of my adventures in buying and selling spinning wheels which will include some thoughts on buying your first wheel. The moment I decided to learn how to hand spin yarn and what type of yarn I

Fiberygoodness On the Road

This week I (Suzy) am having a wonderful time visiting with Arlene and the US headquarters of Fiberygoodness (Arlenes Studio). This is a big treat and it is, of course, fantastic to have this time to share together after the last 12 months of working together online only.  And I wanted to share with you too, because today Arlene took me for a wonderful experience at a nearby attraction, the Winterthur Mansion and gardens that once belonged to the DuPont

Been waiting on a Dye Course with Natalie?

Well here it is! The news I know many people have been waiting for! We are very excited to announce that applications are now open for the fantastic new Dye Secrets course with Natalie Redding and FiberyGoodness! We have teamed up to offer you this exclusive content course for the first time, live and interactive from the comfort of your own dye kitchen! And here is Natalie herself to tell you a little about it! Along with Natalies livestream presentations,

Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder: A WoolWench Review

Imagine this; big luscious handfuls of your favourite fibers, silks and sparkles, spreading them out with your fingertips to loft them up.. the little pops as the fibers let go of each other and the locks spread into crimpy cotton candy puffs.. And then.. then! Feeling them bounce up gently against your palm as you lay them onto the beautiful wood-grained feed tray of this brand new carder, and next… silence and surprise, and here I can’t say ‘as you


We are into the second year of running the Journey to the Golden Fleece course now, and there have been some amazing experiences and rewards to both Arlene and I during this time. We have been blessed with the opportunity to share in the process and creative activities of the course participants, and been allowed to discover insights and learn about them in quite profound ways. Today I would like to share with you a story that one of the participants


I like to think we all get this. Doesnt matter if not, because I can pretend to myself very well that ‘everyone’ gets sidetracked, its not unique, I am not the only one who struggles with it… SIGH Well last week Arlene posted about being stuck -v – resting. She very rightly pointed out that we need to take breaks, to rest, to allow ourselves the time and space to get over being stuck and move on revitalised. Well in

FiberyGoodness and Namaste Farms

One of the dreams that Arlene and I have had, since the inception of FiberyGoodness, is that one day we would be in a position to offer a teaching platform for other fiber artists,   be a  kind of catalyst for the sharing of knowledge.  We are extremely happy then to be in production right NOW for a brand new course with the amazing Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms! Natalie is a source of in depth knowledge about fleece, fiber, their