Once Upon a Time, there was a Sock Knitter…

Many moons ago, I became a Sock Knitter.  While I dye, spin, weave, knit and crochet, deep down inside lives an eternal Sock Knitter.   By a rough estimate, I’ve knit 500,000 stitches in the pursuit of making footwear.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved shoes that I naturally gravitated towards making socks.  It still amazes me that with two needles and some yarn, the curves and angles of the foot can be accommodated so beautifully.

Featured Artist: Kyle Bowser of Palomino Farm

Editor’s Notes:  It’s been a nice vacation…After compiling over a hundred featured artist posts at spinartiste.com, I took five months off!  And, just like any break, you end up assessing how to resume and move forward.  What finally came to the surface was I missed doing this posts.  So, we’ve decided to weave one in about once a month and, most exciting of all, we will be featuring an artist from within our Fibery Goodness community.  If you participate in

We love this!

We would like to share a blogpost with you from Natalie Redding this week. The reason being, Natalie is teaching her ‘Redding Method’ dye classes with us as the Master Dyers Certification program here at Fiberygoodness. And even though we are now all the way through to the third level of certification classes, we are still extremely excited by the way these classes are going and the way Natalie is teaching them. This excitement just grows because we KNOW, Natalie

Spin Artiste’s Featured Artist: Karen Pardee of Serendipity Saori Studio

Publisher’s Notes: This Featured Artist post is near and dear to my heart for a number of reasons. Karen Pardee of Serendipity Saori Studio is a fiber hero of mine AND she lives in a part of the United States that is both beautiful as well as an area where I have roots and am connected. I know that you will enjoy reading about Karen and what led her to study and embrace Saori. It is with great pleasure that

Introducing the new FiberyGoodness Spin Course!

Welcome to the world of “S3” aka “Sketch Spin Scribe”! We are very excited to bring you a new course, one we have been working hard on for almost a year! And finally we can reveal the contents, its all about the spinning, and its all about the stories.. We have combined our love for tales, our passion for discovery, and our unending desire to make yarn, and created this course. We hope this will be something of a legacy for all

Something New!

This week we would like to share something with you! Perhaps you already know about our Fiberygoodness Yarn Recipe series (for sale in our shop), these are spin techniques largely developed by myself (Woolwench/Suzy) and Arlene (the awesome SpinArtiste). They have included quite a variety of spin recipes and one of my favourites has been Arlenes ‘Helix’ yarn, a method of integrating locks into a ply. I love including the concept and activity of weaving into everything I do 🙂 Well

Buying and Selling Spinning Wheels

Originally, I was going to write my take on “Buying your First Spinning Wheel”, but as a delved further into my thoughts on the topic, I realized that would be short-changing this post.  So, instead, we are going to take a look at some of my adventures in buying and selling spinning wheels which will include some thoughts on buying your first wheel. The moment I decided to learn how to hand spin yarn and what type of yarn I

Fiberygoodness On the Road

This week I (Suzy) am having a wonderful time visiting with Arlene and the US headquarters of Fiberygoodness (Arlenes Studio). This is a big treat and it is, of course, fantastic to have this time to share together after the last 12 months of working together online only.  And I wanted to share with you too, because today Arlene took me for a wonderful experience at a nearby attraction, the Winterthur Mansion and gardens that once belonged to the DuPont

Been waiting on a Dye Course with Natalie?

Well here it is! The news I know many people have been waiting for! We are very excited to announce that applications are now open for the fantastic new Dye Secrets course with Natalie Redding and FiberyGoodness! We have teamed up to offer you this exclusive content course for the first time, live and interactive from the comfort of your own dye kitchen! And here is Natalie herself to tell you a little about it! Along with Natalies livestream presentations,