It is always an exciting moment, to share the news that the issue we have been working hard on for the last three months is finally ready to share with all our wonderful subscribers! And here it is, Issue 7, brimming with information, colourful eye candy, and projects.

The underlying focus in this issue is celebration of design and inspiration, which sometimes comes from ‘time out’! This can mean different things to different people. For some, time out is aimed at taking a complete break from a difficult or challenging project, we sometimes talk of putting our knitting  “in time out because it is not behaving!” Other times it can mean taking “time out” for ourselves, to find inspiration and relaxation that allows our creativity to replenish and flow again when we return. Which ever way you look at it, this issue has plenty to offer!

In this issue we have a really enlightening article from Andrew Poad of Majacraft, in which he shares his ideas about what makes a great design..

Evanita takes us on a journey back in time through her selection of gorgeous samples and swatches, with information about blends and process! (with her always inspirational eye candy!)

We love to take you world traveling with fiber artists from around the globe, and this time we are visiting with Ineke de Brouwer of the Netherlands to share some dutch ‘gezelligheid’ (cosiness and friendship) in her gorgeous fiber studio.

Heavenly Bresser is back with the third part in her series, working through the process of preparing fleece for a project, she shares fantastic insights into not only understanding the fleece itself but also sampling, why and how!

And here is one of my favourites! We have the second new regular feature of the inspirational work by members of our Fiberygoodness tinyStudio Facebook group!  It is very important to us that we can provide a platform for fiber artists to share their work and their voices, this section is an expansion of this idea and we are very proud to be able to showcase the work of these wonderful artists!

There is more, there is much more! This issue is over 100 pages of gorgeous inspiration, projects, and creativity boosts. I am very proud of what we have achieved and very grateful to the very talented artists who have contributed to this Issue and made it something really special!

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