I am super pleased to announce that after 6 Issues of tinyStudio Creative Life magazine as a Digital subscription, we are now adding a PRINT SUBSCRIPTION option as well! This is a huge step (and a little nerve wracking) but I truly believe that with the support of our awesome community we have been able to create this glorious, gorgeous magazine, and I think even more people will be able to enjoy it as a print hardcopy option.

Our goal is to bring out the next issue (7) at the end of May, or perhaps just one week delayed to give us some wiggle room with timing and setup of distribution.

The big thing for us at the moment is that the success of launching into print is really going to be determined by the support of our print subscribers.

Please read through the following information about what we will be offering, then if you feel that you definitely want to join us with a Print Subscription, please join our “Yes Please” mailing list, we can then let you know when subscriptions open, and by joining the list you will also help us gauge interest so we can be sure there will be enough subscribers for us to confidently commit to the high cost of printing and shipping! I would also encourage you to share this info and page link as much as you can (without spamming!) because we will need a minimum number of subscribers to make this work. Your joining the mailing list is not a subscription and you will not be charged anything, it is just to let us know if we have guessed our potential numbers accurately enough 🙂

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Cost and Shipping

I anticipate that the subscription price would be US$20 per issue (with a 4 issue / 12 month subscription), and I am pleased to say that this will include shipping to anywhere in the world. I am currently working with a German print and distribution company, so we can take advantage of the excellent international rates of Deutsche Post, it is the best option I have found for such a global magazine! We love to have subscribers in so many parts of the world!

Format and content

I am leaning heavily towards a slightly smaller format (24x17cm) for several reasons – it keeps shipping costs down while allowing me to fit extra content, it keeps the print price down because of the way they cut the paper, this is the most efficient size to cut to, so it allows me to select the most gorgeous bright paper to make our images shine out of the pages. It will also let me select the most robust and pretty ‘Swiss Binding’ for the spine, so it will be a pleasure to open and read, plus it will look amazing in your bookcase!

Even if we do decide to go with this slightly smaller size, we will not make the font so small that you can’t read it, we will simply add some more pages to fit the same awesome content you are used to in our digital issues. Since I am not looking to market into bookstores or supermarkets it is not necessary to format the size to fit in their shelving, we can choose the size we like, and I love the smaller feel and handle of the one I have selected. It fits in a bag to take out and about, it slots perfectly into a bookcase for upright storage, and quite frankly, its cute as a button 🙂

Subscription Options

We would like to be able to offer you a range of options to suit everyone! What I have mapped out so far is:

Print 12 month Subscription
This is going to be our standard print subscription. For an annual payment of US$80, you get four gorgeous print editions per year delivered to your postbox in sturdy, eco friendly cardboard packaging, no bent corners! Delivery will take 3-15 working days from publication. We won’t surprise you with auto-renewals, but you will get an email reminder to re-subscribe when your 12 months is almost up.

Print and Digital
This will be the best of both worlds, you get the digital issue on publication day, followed by the Print version in your letterbox. I am not yet 100% sure how this will be structured around the tinyStudio TV access – more info to come!

Digital Pay as you Go Subscription
This is our current option and has proved popular! Subscription payments are spread over the year in monthly amounts of $4.95(US). With this subscription you get each Quarterly issue delivered via email on publication day. You also get access to the big video archive of tinyStudio TV podcasts, as well as new videos every fortnight. This subscription is the backbone of tinyStudio Creative life!

And now!…

If you totally can’t wait to get into tinyStudio magazine, you can already subscribe to the Digital issues with tinyStudio TV and video library.

If you think you would love to add a print subscription to your current digital one, or if you would like to swap to print, or if you are new to tinyStudio and want to go print all the way, please jump back up and subscribe to the mailing list! We need your support to make this happen, because together we are mighty!