tinyStudio Creative Life, Issue 2 is Here!

tinyStudio Creative Life, Issue 2 is Here!

It is here! We have a shiny new Issue of tinyStudio Creative Life magazine available now to all Subscribers! This time we get behind the scenes with some amazing spinning wheel creators, we have some awesome hands on tutorials, and we have the thoughts and ideas of some extremely inspirational fiber artists. After the launch of issue One I was feeling anxious about being able to match the quality and depth of Issue One, but I very quickly saw that

Entering Your Handspun into the Fair

As a kid one of the things I always looked forward to during the summer was the local county 4-H Fair(local county/state fair organization in the US). I’d spend the year prior to the event working on various projects to enter into the 4-H Fair. None of these were fiber arts related though as I wasn’t quite into that yet. I had a lot of fun and I remember learning a lot. After I grew out of the age group

Spin to Ply

Its my turn to write a blogpost  this week (Suzy), and I would like to share something with you about spinning, more specifically about plying. This is actually a document that we created to send out along  with our first set of yarn recipe cards, and I think its useful for anyone who wants to ply once, twice, three times, even ten times.. if you want to add texture to your yarns, create unique combinations of colour and form, and