Listen in for a new instalment of our current Audiobook chapters. ‘Rouseabout Jane’ was written by Jane Dare (published 1957), a young Englishwoman who travelled to New Zealand in 1939, and subsequently spent the war years working on farms as a ‘Landgirl’ to support the war effort. Her story is a snapshot into the lives of rural New Zealanders, and the lives of farming families at that time. This was an interesting historical period, rationing, making do, and worry for the menfolk so far away in Europe.

A ‘Rouseabout’ was the title given to a general farm worker, and more specifically to the person who would gather up the wool as the shearer worked, keep the boards clear, and skirt the fleece on the skirting table, later known as a ‘rousie’.

Read by Suzy Brown

We are now up to episode five! Each Episode is three Chapters from the book.

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