Woolen? Worsted? What’s It To You?

It’s debate time again!!!!  You know we love a controversial topic here at Fibery Goodness and this topic is a good one that I’m sure will spark some interest…Enjoy! Arlene: So…when I started spinning, all I wanted to spin was “art yarn”. I could not have cared less about the technical aspects of what I was doing. In fact, as soon as I heard classic terms like “woolen” and “worsted”, my eyes would glaze over and my mind would drift

The Great Thick & Thin Debate!

Arlene:  I thought I knew Wool Wench pretty well.  Afterall, week in and week out, hours of Skype sessions, uncountable emails…and then, accidently, I found out that while I love Thick &  Thin yarns, Wool Wench isn’t a fan.  What?!?!?  I have to say, it shook me to the core.  We debated the merits of this classic technique and decided to bring our debate to the world at large.  So, in this post, we bring you “The Great Thick &