If you are considering purchasing an Aura, or if you already have one and would like some tips and tricks for enhancing your Aura experience, we think you will enjoy this page! What follows are a little collection of resources about and for the Aura, created by Suzy (WoolWench) and/or Majacraft, or as a collaboration between us.

Please feel free to contact us here at Fiberygoodness if you have any questions about this lovely wheel!

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This video covers the adjustments of your wheel, how to increase and decrease take up and twist for your yarns.

Short Demo of the Overdrive spinning

Glynis Poad (Majacraft) demonstrating the Stylus

Sit back and relax along with our Aura rich team as we chat about how to get the best from your Aura!

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Designed from the ground up, the Aura has style and presence while still retaining the classic Majacraft look. It has two independent drive bands, one for the flyer and a second for the bobbin. The flyer drive has three different ratios and the bobbin drive has two ratios plus infinite adjustment.

This makes the Aura the perfect wheel for Art Yarn spinning, which needs great control over stop - start spinning plus the ability to fine tune tension settings to ensure your larger yarns are pulled onto the bobbin at the speed you want, without causing overtwist. And the Aura is also fantastic for fine spinning too! Use the full range of adjustments on this wheel to move from the biggest wildest yarns to fine traditional yarns too. This wheel comes complete with three Jumbo bobbins.

Like all Majacraft products this wheel is hand built just for you from the finest materials and crafted to the highest standards.

(Click the thumbnail for larger views of this beautiful wheel)

Accessories you can purchase for this wheel which will further help you create your dream yarns include the massive 'Overdrive' head and giant bobbins for production or art spinning, the 'Lace Kit' for your fine yarns, and the Stylus for fun and quick longdraw spinning.

Please visit our 'Aura' page for tutorials, videos, and demos of this wheel in action as Woolwench puts it through its paces! : http://fiberygoodness.com/the-mighty-majacraft-aura/

Join WoolWench in making this your 'One Wheel', Suzy uses this wheel for all her spinning, from extreme crazy wild wool multi-plyed to fine lace, it remains the most versatile wheel she has ever had the pleasure of spinning on and is an essential companion on all her FiberyGoodness adventures!
And don't forget you can also request your own personal and unique customisation on your wheel too! Contact us to discuss possibilities and pricing.

Not sure yet what you want to spin on your new Aura? FREE with your purchase - you will also get a digital download of our amazing 'Multi-Media' spinning ebook, packed with ideas on spinning multiple fibers and creating artful yarns with them! You will receive a download link with your purchase confirmation email!

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