Follow up to the Aura Broadcast!

Just back again with an update and some stuff for you to download too! Last week we ran our first live spin session focussing on a piece of Majacraft equipment, and our subject was the amazing Aura from Majacraft, and we were lucky enough to have both Glynis and Andrew Poad of Majacraft themselves as guests! This wheel is like the mothership of all the wheels for many art yarn spinners, it has all the features we need to work with

Making Magic with your Majacraft Aura – Free online Live Session!

Update! Follow this link for the live session now! A wee while ago, and this was before Fiberygoodness became official Majacraft dealers, we had this idea. It was just coincidence (or a like minds thing) that we all have an Aura each, and of course just like all spinners, we love talking about our wheels! Fiberygoodness team meetings tend to include discussions of what we are spinning and sharing our ideas 😉 So at some point Jan mentioned a very clever