We would like to share a blogpost with you from Natalie Redding this week. The reason being, Natalie is teaching her ‘Redding Method’ dye classes with us as the Master Dyers Certification program here at Fiberygoodness. And even though we are now all the way through to the third level of certification classes, we are still extremely excited by the way these classes are going and the way Natalie is teaching them. This excitement just grows because we KNOW, Natalie has something utterly unique and amazing to offer the world of fiber arts, and we are very grateful to be able to participate.

It is a tremendous thrill to see the photos Natalies students are posting, the vibrancy, depth, and beauty of the dyed fibers they are achieving is just stunning. And it is thanks to Natalie and her passion for colour and fiber. Her unique approach to both the activity of dyeing as an ongoing experiment, and her encouragement of students to learn how to take risks, troubleshoot for themselves, and play with their materials, combine into a wonderful learning experience that we are very proud to support. Natalie captures the concept of learning by experimenting that perfectly reflects the principles of our Fiberygoodness spinning courses, and we think these classes makes a wonderful combination on our program.

We really enjoyed learning more about Natalie and what drives her passion for fiber and fiber art, and in her blog she has begun to share her story about where that came from and how she has developed her own unique and recognisable style within the fiber world. If you would also like to learn more about the fabulous Natalie and what has driven her approach to the art of dyeing fiber, please follow the link to her blog, (or click the image below) we are sure you will enjoy the read and the gorgeous images too 🙂




One thought on “We love this!

  • December 8, 2015 at 2:22 am

    Loved reading your post Suzy. When I think of Natalie . . . Gorgeous possibilities are what come to mind, how she creates and shares concepts of beauty. She has such a uniqueness that she celebrates, and a kind encouraging spirit.


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