Claire des BruyeresThis week we have a new and exciting announcement to make, because once again our little team is expanding! We are super lucky to welcome on board the lovely Claire Des Bruyeres! Claire is now our French Connection, the oo in our la, the croissant with our coffee, our point of contact for all our treasured French speaking students!

We are deeply grateful that Claire has made herself available to help us in this way, along with Jan and Evanita!  We have known Claire since the very start, one of our earliest Journey to the Golden Fleece students, she wow-ed us with her beautiful and thoughtful work as she explored the ideas in the course materials and ran with them to create some stunning yarns. Claire brought these together into a really beautiful weaving that perfectly reflects her gentle and considered approach. The textures she created are a lovely mixture of bold and subtle that take your eye around the weaving, and you can see the combination of soft shades and earthy tones drawn from Claires natural surroundings in Brittany France.

Claire des Bruyeres

One of the big Fiberygoodness goals has always been to connect people globally through spinning, and it has been a great joy to have been able to reach spinners from as many countries as we have to date; USA, New Zealand, Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Australia, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Japan… a worldwide network of spinners and fibre artists sharing our FIberygoodness! Of course one of the barriers to this connection can be the language issues this brings up. I know myself how difficult it can be to work at a deep level in a language not your own, having spent 12 years in the Netherlands and getting to an intermediate level of Dutch, I think I have developed a pretty good insight into what it feels like! I could certainly read and understand most things, but I still felt I was missing the details and richness that a native speaker would have, and it was difficult to truly express myself easily. It was such a relief when I could find someone able help me in my own language when I really needed it!

Claires role will be to expertly help our French speaking students with their questions about the course, and course content throughout the courses. She can read and answer in French, making things simpler and easier to follow and adding that depth and richness that is often hard to pick up from a foreign language. Claire will be running the French language sections in the forum, you will soon see the ‘sticky’ threads in your class forums where anyone who wants to chat in French (and yes english speakers can practice their French too!) can meet up and share their stories and experiences with others throughout their courses.

Eventually Claire will be working on a full course translation with us, starting with the Journey to the Golden Fleece course, English to French, so our actual material can be offered in more than one language! There are plans to add more languages too when we can (its a huge task!).

Fiberygoodness is very much a team effort and we are excited that it is growing as well as grateful to have been able to expand our small team of amazing people to share the experience with us! This makes it possible for us to continue working to make it better for everyone!

Please read more about Claire in her own words on our Meet the Team page! To get in contact with Claire for your French language support, just send your email (in French) to!

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4 thoughts on “Introducing…!

  • October 19, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    A mi me lo van a decir! ;D En ocasiones al trabajar en otro idioma se pierden matices y resulta un poco mas complejo. Claire es fantástica!

  • October 20, 2015 at 5:50 am

    Welcome Claire!

  • October 21, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    I know Claire and I’m very happy and proud to see you enrolled her in your team ! Thank you for us, poor little french spinners with our bad english ! 😀


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