the tinyStudio Creative Life magazine is running along in leaps and bounds! We have had some incredible articles from a wide variety of global, talented, and ultra creative fiber artists, and the content continues to be rich and varied. In between issues, I am also busy creating the video podcasts that go with each issue! These ‘tinyStudio TV’ episodes come out every two weeks, and content varies. So far we have had a visit to a local farm at shearing time, we have had some fun interviews with awesome fiber people like Ashley Martineau, Christiane Knight, and Arlene Thayer, and we have had tutorials on dyeing and spinning!

All subscribers to tinyStudio magazine gain access to the complete video podcast archive regardless of when they sign up, so these videos can remain an excellent resource for everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying the ‘patreon’ style of subscription that gives you ongoing content, with tinyStudio Creative Life magazine coming out every three months, and the video podcasts twice a month, I really feel it gives me the opportunity to really create something meaningful to share with our community!

I will also occasionally share one or two of the tinyStudio TV videos publicly, just for fun 🙂 And here is one today for everyone to (I hope!) enjoy! This is a tutorial on spinning my ‘Bubble Tea’ yarn, which I shared as a yarn recipe in Issue One of tinyStudio Magazine. I hope you will grab a cuppa, your craft of choice, and enjoy the episode!

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