Colours are not just surface decoration, or ways to differentiate between ripe or unripe, clean or muddy, or even edible/inedible.

Colour is a noun…


– the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.
“the lights flickered and changed colour”
synonyms: hueshadetinttonetingecasttincture

“the lights flickered and changed colour”

Colour is also a verb

– change the colour of (something) by painting, dyeing, or shading it.
“he coloured her hair with a selection of blonde and brown shades”
synonyms: tintdyetingeshadepigmentstain, colour-wash, colour in, paint

“the wood was coloured with a penetrating dye”

Colour has the power to excite us, to captivate us, to stop us in our tracks and enthral us… gradients and sunsets, the bright and vibrant hues of a spring flower and the soft mistiness of a dutch winter..  colour is inspiration!

We can use colour in our images in so many ways.  Those Dutch winter mornings with the trees silhouetted against a sky of grey and mist becomes a wonderful gradient..

Shells found on the beach can become an element in a yarn

A favourite range of purples is an inspiration to knit it and wrap myself in colour..

While can bring a cascade of sea foam

While hot pinks and oranges sizzle and warm

The rich dark chocolate of a naturally black sheep creates contrast to the bright flashes of fireworks

And the lush flax flowers inspire for a sunny day

followed by a dark night with stars twinkling and whipsy clouds moving in front of the moon.


My challenge to you is to spend the rest of your day looking for A COLOUR! Choose ONE COLOUR and then look for it everywhere you go – how many times do you see your colour? How many variations do you see? Focus on just that colour today, look around you, close to you, under your feet, at the edges of your vision, through the trees or buildings..,. How often are you catching glimpses of your colour throughout the day, now that you are looking for it? Hone your colour skills and try and see every variation of tone and hue that can come from your chosen colour. Photograph it if you can! Then share it on our facebook group   as your colour inspiration of the day.

Also notice the colours around it, and how they interact with your focus colour, do they harmonise? Conflict? Enhance? How does your focus colour make you feel and react to is? This beach scene of driftwood looks peaceful to me, gentle colours, very harmonious, with all the shapes and activity in the image, the colour to me, holds it all together and makes it combine into a million pieces with shared meanings,

Look at nature

Look at the food and drinks you are preparing

Enjoy your day of colour!



One thought on “A Day of Colour

  • April 6, 2019 at 4:25 am

    Thank you for this inspiring, richly gorgeous post! I am challenging myself to focus on a color that I rarely use in my fibre arts: PINK. My favorite colors are greens and analogous hues, but pink in its many variations is stunning with those. I imagine I’ll feel a bit more uplifted by day’s end of seeking pink everywhere I go!


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