I am sure many of us art yarn spinners have heard the same thing.. its beautiful, but what do you do with it? Sometimes is not even so complimentary, statements such as ‘its unusable’ and ‘theres nothing you can make with that’, directed at a lovely lockspun yarn simply because its bulky, and theres 30 meters of it..

So here is my post today, some examples of a few things that you CAN do with art yarns, and these are only the things ‘I’ have come up with, I KNOW there are many more ideas out there, and in fact my answer to anyone who asks ‘what can you do with art yarns’ usually ends with, ‘you are only limited by your own imagination’.

So here we go 🙂 Starting with something I completed today, lacey energized single trimmed with chunky lockspun teewater:

You can weave it chunky:

acolour (6)


You can stitch it together and make a necklace:
coilyarnnecklace 5

You can knit it (this one was my WoolWench Mega thick and Thin knitted by Pauline of Woool – The Hague)

You can weave some clothing:SONY DSC


You can use it as a highlight in your weaving:


and you can embroider and decorate with itswirlscarf (1)


You can make decorations for your home:

beachdone (5)

You can make things to keep yourself and your family warm like this hand knit piece I made when the lad was several years younger than he his now!



There are so many more things, these are really just the tip of the iceberg! When I start to think about all the things that these wild and wonderful yarns can be used for, I just wonder how I will ever get the time to make everything I can see in my imagination!

I know that if you are an art yarn spinner too, you will already have great ideas and amazing creations.. please share them with us, lets make a page full of ideas, so the next time someone asks ‘but what do you do with it?’ we can send them here! Leave a comment with your imaginings, and links to your photos of any made items you would like to share and inspire us with 🙂

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