• Sue Peyton

    Sue Peyton Module 8

  • Maud Percival

  • Emma Nicholson

  • Jennifer Newcomb

    Jennifer Newcomb

  • Maria Muscarella

  • Maria Muscarella

  • Helen Murray

  • Melisa Morrison 8

    Melisa Morrison

  • Jan Massie

    Jan Massie

  • Martha Manigross

  • Deki McKenney

  • Deki McKenney

  • Lorry McDonald

    Lorry McDonald

  • Joelle McCarthy

    Joelle McCarthy

  • Sandie Lyons

    Sandie Lyons

  • Lola de Logaro

  • Sue Lindsay

    Sue Lindsay

  • Sylvi Kristoffersen

  • Marti Kosh

  • Marti Kosh

  • Heike Killet

  • Heike Killet

    Heike Killet

  • Annick Keters

    Annick Keters

  • Cary Jarman 8

    Cari Jarman

  • Angelina Hum

Module One Student Yarns (The Call to Adventure)

Module Two Student Yarns (The Road of Trials)

Module Three Student Yarns (The Vision Quest)

Module Four Student Yarns (Meeting the Goddess)

Module Five Student Yarns (The Boon)

Module Six Student Yarns (The Magic Flight)

Module Seven Student Yarns (Master of Two Worlds and the Freedom to Live)

One thought on “Module 8 Gallery – Final Projects

  • November 4, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    I wonder if Annette Ehly, from Ingolstadt, is my old, dear friend of long ago. Does or did she have a twin sister named Irene?
    Pls reply.
    Regina Knoll, nee Weingaertner


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