Colour Blending Rainbow

Colour…the single most important element of yarn design.  Now have fun while learning making your own ‘colour record journal’ and experiencing blending colour with fiber with our downloadable workbook “Blending Colour’!

Combining colours, experimenting with tones, shades, warm and cool, dark and light, letting the colours trigger your inspiration, there are myriad discoveries to be made when blending colour and fiber, and you are the wizard who creates the magic. In your hands, simple red, yellow, and blue, become infinite shades of teals, emeralds, lavenders and amethyst, fiery orange, and earthy browns as you create your own marvellous recipes and mixes. This process gives you the chance to practice and experiment with blending coloured fibers to create new colours, to match a specific pallet, and to make your own roving in complex and rich colours that are unachievable through dyeing.

Colour blending is the art of combining certain colours to alter them, it seems simple. It IS simple!

This self paced, stand alone workbook is designed to take you through some of the techniques and basics of blending two or more colours of dyed fibers together to either lighten (tint) or darken (shade), or to alter the colour to create an entirely new one. Work through the 5 comprehensive exercises entirely at your own pace, build your DIY colour mix recipe resource using the supplied record sheets or create your own. By the end of the course you should have a solid understanding of colour blending using at least one kind of blending tool, be able to alter the shade and tone of a colour and create new colours by blending two or more base colours. You will also have begun your own record log or ‘recipe book’ for creating the colours you want in fiber so you can replicate them as often as you like!

This workbook is a wonderful compliment to our ‘Big Book of Fibery Rainbows’, which goes even more in depth with how to create complete palettes from your custom colour blended fiber, and then how to spin for the best results!

You might also like to check out our very comprehensive video course “Dynamic Blending, Combs and Hackles’ which goes in depth with these tools for creating custom colour blended combed top for spinning worsted yarns.

With your enrolment you will receive:

 A digital download of all the Course materials, ready to print, or use on your computer or tablet.


You will need at least one fiber preparation tool, such as a set of combs, a blending board, a drum carder, or a flick carder, and preferably something you can use as a ‘diz’ (a washer from the hardware store will work just fine).

FiberyGoodness Colour Blending Course
FiberyGoodness Colour Blending Course
Make your own colours by mixing it up with your fiber stash!