The Call to Adventure

  • Rebecca Chase

    Rebecca Chase

  • Patricia Tasker

    Patricia Tasker

  • Paskalini Savopoulos

    Paskalini Savopoulos

  • Nicola Swinnerton

    Nicola Swinnerton

  • Myra Kness

    Myra Kness

  • Maree Sharples

    Maree Sharples

  • Katie Wright

    Katie Wright

  • Karen Katsaros

    Karen Katsaros

  • Julienne Hanson

    Julienne Hanson

  • JoShell Koliva

    JoShell Koliva

  • Jessica Jenkins

    Jessica Jenkins

  • Jen Eddington

    Jen Eddington

  • Emma Spence

    Emma Spence

  • Elizabeth Moore

    Elizabeth Moore

  • Elizabeth Moore

    Elizabeth Moore

  • Debra OBier

    Debra OBier

  • Claudia Pinto Prieto

    Claudia Pinto Prieto

  • Ciska


  • Ciska


  • Becky Mann

    Becky Mann

  • Anne Torjussen

    Anne Torjussen

  • Ann Fernholz

    Ann Fernholz

  • Andrea Revoy

    Andrea Revoy

  • Alison Manning

    Alison Manning

  • Wendy Hartley

    Wendy Hartley

Module One Student Yarns (The Call to Adventure) | Module Two (The Road of Trials) | Module Three (The Vision Quest)
Module Four (Meeting the Goddess) | Module Five (The Boon) | Module Six Student Yarns (The Magic Flight)
Module Seven (Master of Two Worlds and the Freedom to Live) | Module Eight Final Projects (Imparting Wisdom)

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