“I have loved her class..It is so addicting and I don’t get much else done when I start dyeing!!! Thanks for working with Natalie to bring this. Can’t wait to see what else she has to share” (Anita Hotchkiss)

“This course has given me so much knowledge and confidence that I am now dyeing all the time and LOVING my results!”  (Kyle Bowser)

As creative people, we all desire to work with beautiful color, but we may be intimidated to try or frustrated by our efforts to get the colors that we want in our fibers and yarns.  We understand how that can be; therefore, Fiberygoodness is proud to have teamed up with the amazing Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms to bring you this in depth dye course!

This is the first course in a series courses in which Natalie has agreed to share with us the dye secrets and techniques that she uses to get the most amazing colour results in her fibre dyeing! It is a wonderful chance to learn, direct from the expert! ‘Natalie’s Dye Secrets’ is the prerequisite class for the following advanced Dye class “Color Me Beautiful”.

If you have seen Natalie’s beautiful color work, you know that  Natalie is able to create intense colours, where she wants them, and every time.  She can also produce stunning pastels, strong contrasts, and non-muddied colour in everything she touches, exactly the way she wants it.


If you want the inside information on exactly how she does this, and do it yourself too, then this is the course for you! Natalie will be sharing knowledge with you, over seven (7)live 60-90 minute sessions, knowledge that she has never shared outside of this course. Each module session will be followed a week later by a second live session for Questions and Answers about your weeks dyeing experiences and the module you have worked on.  

Natalie’s deep understanding of fibre, and the science of dyeing, is some of the most valuable and exclusive knowledge you will find anywhere in the indie fibre dyeing world. We are sure you will be as ecstatic as we are at Fiberygoodness, to learn these techniques and see a whole new level of colour coming out of your dye pots!

The course will be offered as a ‘LiveStream’ presentation in 7 parts. Each session will be over an hours  worth of information and includes several different ways of dyeing and separating your colours.  You will also have the chance to ask questions during the session and get the answers from Natalie straight away. It will be interactive, mega fun, informative, and will open whole new windows of dyeing possibilities for you! Livestream will be delivered via a private You Tube channel, so if you can watch You Tube you can join the course! You will also be able to re-watch the videos as often as you like for a limited period following the completion of your course!

To enhance your learning experience, with this course we will be providing you with digital ‘textbooks’ to accompany the course!   After the release of each Livestream session, you will be provided with clear, written, step by step instructions for the techniques included in the Livestream, so you will have a quick-find reference resource at any time! Jump to any section in the book and get the information you need in a easy to follow text. We are sure you will love this as your number one dye reference.

We are head over heels excited about this course and thrilled to be able to offer this information to you!!

Read the course Overview and check the program for session  dates and times HERE on the COURSE PROGRAM PAGE

Total course cost including access to all interactive Live streamed sessions, digital textbook and supporting information corresponding to each session, plus access to the Members only area and to the FiberyGoodness Dye Secrets private forum:

Enrolments will be reopening on Saturday Feb 6th 2016. The course will show as “sold out’ until enrolments re-open.

Natalie Redding Dye Secrets
Includes: seven live lessons, plus seven live Q&A tutorials , fully supported with written materials.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you!


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