We at Fiberygoodness (including tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine) are very aware of the importance of making community spaces and content that are welcoming and inclusive to all. We support makers of all races, ethnicities, abilities, identities, religions, and perspectives. We have considered how we can best ensure this within everything we do, and have committed to taking specific actions to keep us on track with creating inclusive spaces in the fiber community, by reaching out to all makers, teachers, and writers. Here are some of those actions:

  • working consciously to include the voices of people from a diverse range of countries, cultures, and ethnicities in all our publications and online group activities
  • highlighting others’ work in our social media feeds
  • openly listening to the needs of our community on issues of diversity and inclusion, to ensure we are addressing the needs of the community in a healthy and non-damaging way
  • committing to lifting others in our community in practical ways through magazine features, online projects, and encouraging community connections between people
  • maintaining a position of kindness, acceptance of all, and not judging others, in all our activities and communications