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August 2021 Issue 12

In Issue 12 we have a really fun underlying theme, one which I personally enjoyed writing about and on which we have some beautiful and inspirational articles from our contributors. As always, the magazine is ‘tinted’ by our theme rather than solely driven by it, so we have a wonderful variety of articles, but I think you will find that our ‘The Dark Side’ theme is well covered! Indulge your guilty pleasures, rebel, and bend some fiber rules, and enjoy this issue of tinyStudio Creative Life magazine!

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I love tiny studio magazine! It is so inspirational to me to see what other Fibre artists are doing. I also love having a peek into others studios. I really like magazines so a hard copy would be wonderful.

Sara Holbrook

To have a print version means I can take my TS to the beach and get inspired. It also means I can donate copies to my local spinner’s guild. And yes, there’s nothing like curling up with my favorite mag and enjoying it, cover to cover!

Julie Ann Boissonneault Benac

I adore ALL things tinyStudio! Thank you for a gorgeous creation with a very positive tone throughout.

Mina Doerner

Seriously good magazine no matter what type of fibre work you do

Sue Lindsay

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