Today I posted on our Facebook group about the anxiety I have been feeling as I get everything set up ready to move into adding print magazine issues to our subscription options for tinyStudio Creative Life magazine! I am at the stage where the numbers seem overwhelming, the financial commitment is daunting, and the usual self doubt nibbles away to undermine my confidence about being able to inspire enough people to subscribe to cover the print and distribution costs! eeeek!

My grateful thanks to those who jumped into that Facebook thread with reassurances and feedback on my ideas! It reinforces my feeling that this is a real community-driven magazine, I truly believe that together we are all mighty! With this freshly acquired courage, I have created a new page with information about what we can expect in a print edition, format, pricing, shipping, and quality information. I have included a mailing list sign up form, and I would be super grateful if anyone seriously considering subscribing for Print (or print and digital) would join the mailing list! It will give us a better idea on what numbers we can expect, and it will give you an instant heads up when subscriptions open – we will email you first!

As a little aside, if you want to know exactly what tinyStudio is all about, I have now opened up purchase options for single issues of tinyStudio Creative Life magazine, as Back Issues, until now only available to subscribers (who can still purchase at a discounted price from the subscriber only page). On checkout you will receive a confirmation email with your download link for the issue you have selected! Happy reading!

I would love it if everyone would share this information and sign up form, we will need to reach our minimum number of ‘break even’ subscriptions in order to go ahead with the Print version (don’t worry beloved digital subscribers – we will always have the digital pay as you go subscription with our tinyStudio TV episodes!). I hope that together we can grow tinyStudio Magazine into a loved publication that will bring pleasure, inspiration, and creative boosts to even more fiber artists, in print form! Indie magazines have their own challenges but I am confident that we can overcome them and keep doing what we have been doing already, in new formats with a wider audience! Thank you for being part of tinyStudio Creative Life <3

Please take a read through the page and use the form to join the mailing list if you think you will subscribe when we open that up, it will help our planning tremendously!

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