Hello! Since last I posted, I’ve been hard at work on the second elemental representation for the FiberyGoodness Artist in Residency. But I’ve had so many folks asking me questions about the last project and how they can create their own! Suzy had the brilliant idea that we should have a livestreaming session where we could lead folks in making their own object. This is a great way to ask detailed questions about construction, conceptualizing projects like this, and any other details that my video and posts didn’t answer for you.  (you can watch it again at the end of this post if you would like a refresher!)

The Earth vessel is a versatile creation that is really only limited by your imagination; you need a concept of what you want to represent in your vessel, and then you just need to create or collect your components to form the vessel with that end concept in mind. Putting it together is led by the textures you’ve collected – intuition paired with conception is key!

To help you create a vessel of your own, we will be having a live vessel creation party online! This will run on the Fiberygoodness Group Page – Join the event here! https://www.facebook.com/events/2200123496917414/

Here’s what you’ll need if you’d like to follow along and create with us:

● A concept of what you’d like your vessel to represent

● A variety of yarns spun with your concept in mind

● Beads, feathers, objects you’d like to add

● Strong sticks or branches for weaving into your basket supports

● A crochet hook that matches some of your yarn weights

● Recommended: a tapestry needle with a large eye

Skills needed: creative spinning, of course; very basic crochet for the freeform/embellishmentoptions. There is very basic basketweaving as well, but it is so simple you’ll pick it up as we go, I promise!

I’ll post some tips for freeform crochet for objects before the live event, so you’ll have time to practice!

Your first steps for this project are: collect your sticks, solidify a concept, and spin some yarn. If you don’t have a concept in mind by the time we gather to make a vessel on livestream, you can always do a trial run with yarn you have already spun, and some branches to practice with!

We will gather on the date of the livestream and I’ll talk you through how to build your shape and play with adding embellishment and detail as you go. I’ll also talk about the ways that concept sometimes changes during the creation process, and when to let go and let the project take over.

I will be available in the Fiberygoodness group for all your pre-livestream questions! Just tag me and I’ll do my best to give you whatever insight or inspiration I possible can.

I will also compile an inspiration file for you – other artists and creations that can spark your imagination.

I look forward to creating vessels with you!

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